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By hacker news affinity
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jonn 4 likes 27 Jul 22
This week: what exactly is my problem with Rishi Sunak? What happened to MI1 to MI4? Also, they’ve extended the Birmingham Metro, huzzah.
jonn 2 likes 10 Aug 22
This week: the Blob has its revenge, why Britain is not America and some extremely nerdy map action.
jonn 1 likes 20 Jul 22
This week: the Tories’ client media doesn’t merely help, it hinders; and some notes on a heatwave.
jonn 0 likes 03 Aug 22
This week: the terrifying possibilities of Prime Minister Liz Truss begin to make themselves known. Also, some graphs to highlight the problem facing the Tories, and a cool isochrone map of Europe.