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jonn's top posts of the month

By hacker news affinity
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jonn 13 likes 08 Mar 23
This week: Boris Johnson inadvertently makes the case for Lords reform, some notes on the Holy Roman Empire, and a map of the long lost tram network of Leeds.
jonn 11 likes 01 Mar 23
This week: it’s time to weaponise NIMBYism; the Bethnal Green tube disaster; and all roads lead to Rome.
jonn 10 likes 15 Mar 23
This week: a tale of two infrastructure investments; some notes on the popularity of surnames; and why is north not where we think it is?
jonn 7 likes 22 Mar 23
This week: what does Boris Johnson actually think he is playing at? Also: the unnerving southern-ness of Canada; and I have some thoughts about Crossrail.
jonn 5 likes 25 Mar 23
On the proposed naming of the London Overground lines.