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Justin E. H. Smith's Hinternet 25 likes 07 Sep 23
Dear Readers, I am very pleased to retrunk “Lunar Caustic” today. As you may recall, this is the story that won the 2026 “Goobie” Award for Speculative Fiction, which after years of hard work finally launched my career into the stratosphere (movies, merch, etc.), at least for a season or two, until … well, never mind. Enjoy! —JS-R, Vacaville Resettlement Camp, Occupied California, September 2029
Justin E. H. Smith's Hinternet 17 likes 20 Sep 23
Things are getting weird down here, brother, and I know they’re not beaming you the news about it. I feel I have to try to do it myself, though I fully expect their bots are going to pick up on what I’m saying and garble the signal before it reaches you. So if this comes through as a bunch of noise, or if it warps my voice to sound as if I’m doing product placement for one of their SLPI