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412 implied HN points • 20 Jan 24
  1. Jane Wilkes led the effort to establish Charlotte's first civilian hospitals after volunteering in Confederate camp hospitals during the Civil War.
  2. She championed the fundraising for St. Peter's Home and Hospital in 1876, followed by the creation of Good Samaritan Hospital in 1891 for the city's black residents.
  3. Her dedication to improving public health care in Charlotte was honored with a statue along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway in 2010.
412 implied HN points • 18 Jan 24
  1. Charlotte and Asheville have different approaches to spending tourism taxes, with Asheville using the money for greenways, parks, and possible affordable housing and transit.
  2. Charlotte justifies spending tourism tax money on sports facilities, while Asheville has found ways to use it for various community projects.
  3. Asheville successfully broadened the use of tourism tax money through consensus building and changing laws, showing how local leaders can impact funding decisions.
275 implied HN points • 05 Feb 24
  1. Atrium Health enjoys the benefits of being a government entity but operates like a private corporation.
  2. The Atrium Health board meetings lack openness, with limited public access and closed committee meetings.
  3. Atrium's status as a government entity allows it to avoid taxes, receive antitrust immunity, and benefit from eminent domain powers.
412 implied HN points • 08 Jan 24
  1. CMS has canceled school for Tuesday due to a powerful storm with high winds and rain expected.
  2. Other school districts in the region have also canceled in-person classes for tomorrow.
  3. Prepare for severe weather by staying informed, keeping electronic devices charged, and securing outdoor items.
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235 implied HN points • 22 Jan 24
  1. An exhibit called 'Craft Across Continents' at the Mint Museum showcases whimsical art pieces that evoke fun and creativity.
  2. Mecklenburg County experienced a 20% decrease in home sales in 2023, possibly due to high mortgage rates.
  3. A new daily podcast called CLT1st has launched in Charlotte, offering a quick way to stay informed about local news and events.
176 implied HN points • 01 Feb 24
  1. Traffic on U.S. 521 in Ballantyne is increasing, and transportation planners are exploring complex solutions like new intersections and even a possible tunnel.
  2. The widening of U.S. 521 is facing challenges due to rapid area growth, making it trickier and more costly to find effective traffic solutions.
  3. State officials are considering various comprehensive solutions, such as flyover intersections or tunnels, to accommodate the expected increase in traffic volumes in the future.
157 implied HN points • 03 Feb 24
  1. Harry Golden used humor to advocate for civil rights and social justice in Charlotte during the 1950s and '60s.
  2. Golden's satirical essays in 'Carolina Israelite' addressed societal inequalities and injustices in a humorous way, gaining him fame and recognition.
  3. Golden's approach of using satire to highlight issues like segregation and discrimination made him a well-known champion of the oppressed, with a wide readership and impact.
137 implied HN points • 27 Jan 24
  1. Alexander Craighead, a preacher in Charlotte, strongly advocated for individual and religious independence from government oversight.
  2. Craighead's intense preaching style and disdain for government control aligned with the Great Awakening movement in America, emphasizing religious devotion for common people.
  3. His influence in the Mecklenburg County region is believed to have contributed to the spirit of independence that led to the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, although the document's existence remains disputed.
98 implied HN points • 10 Feb 24
  1. 5-year-old viral rapping sensation Savannah 'VanVan' McConneaughey went from freestyling on the playground to performing on big stages with her original songs.
  2. Savannah's parents nurtured her talent from a young age, posting her singing videos on social media, leading to viral success on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
  3. Savannah's music journey includes brand deals, magazine features, performances at prestigious venues, and upcoming plans for an album, all while maintaining her love for performing and connecting with her audience.
117 implied HN points • 02 Feb 24
  1. Charlotte FC faces roster changes as star players depart for European teams, creating opportunities for new players to join.
  2. The departure of key players like Swiderski impacts the team's dynamic and strategy, leaving space for new talents to step up.
  3. Despite the changes, Charlotte FC aims to adapt and strengthen its roster by targeting specific positions like a left-footed center back and right winger.
58 implied HN points • 07 Feb 24
  1. The newsletter is focused on local business news in Charlotte, N.C.
  2. County commissioners were unimpressed with a recent Atrium board meeting.
  3. There is discussion about providing money for developers in the city.
275 implied HN points • 18 Oct 23
  1. Norfolk Southern is now considering allowing commuter rail on its tracks in Mecklenburg after a 20-year impasse
  2. The change in Norfolk Southern's stance could give momentum to Charlotte's regional transit system plans
  3. The city leaders hope that a deal with Norfolk Southern for the Red Line could help secure support for a larger transit plan
137 implied HN points • 16 Oct 23
  1. Atrium Health has stopped suing patients for unpaid medical bills, a practice criticized for targeting vulnerable individuals.
  2. The change comes amidst increasing concern over medical debt burdens on Americans.
  3. Despite halting new lawsuits, Atrium still pursues payment for existing judgments, leaving some patients struggling with debt.
432 implied HN points • 09 Mar 23
  1. The author started The Charlotte Ledger in 2019 to address the lack of high-quality local information in Charlotte.
  2. They chose a subscription-based business model over advertising, focusing on serving readers rather than chasing clicks.
  3. The team at The Charlotte Ledger has steadily grown, expanded their content, and prioritized quality journalism to attract and retain subscribers.
373 implied HN points • 01 Apr 23
  1. A developer plans a massive casino and hotel complex in uptown Charlotte after new gambling laws are passed
  2. A beloved business requests historic status, potentially affecting new tower developments near Morehead Street
  3. Chick-fil-A and Carvana partner to tackle traffic congestion by allowing drive-thru customers to idle in a car vending machine
137 implied HN points • 31 Aug 23
  1. When investigating plane crashes, every piece of evidence is examined to prevent future incidents. Car crash investigations should also focus on prevention rather than just assigning blame.
  2. A group of urbanists is analyzing car crashes like plane crashes, suggesting changes to prevent future accidents based on detailed analysis.
  3. Factors like lack of mid-crossing pedestrian refuges, long traffic signal cycles, and high speed limits contribute to car crashes, highlighting the need for changes in infrastructure and traffic management.
19 implied HN points • 29 Jan 24
  1. Nominations are open for The Charlotte Ledger 40 Over 40 Awards, recognizing community difference-makers in their 40s and beyond.
  2. Life advice from previous 40 Over 40 Award winners includes trusting instincts, keeping setbacks in perspective, and living each day with meaning.
  3. Charlotte leaders are urging Atrium Health to consider working with a charity to abolish medical debt, a cause with community impact.
235 implied HN points • 03 Apr 23
  1. Atrium and Novant hospitals receive millions in property tax breaks, exempting them from paying taxes on billions of dollars worth of property.
  2. The tax breaks the hospitals receive could total $23 million in Mecklenburg County alone, contributing to a loss in potential tax revenue that could fund essential public services like education and law enforcement.
  3. Critics argue that as large, multi-billion-dollar enterprises, hospitals like Atrium and Novant should do more to justify their tax-exempt status and provide greater community benefits.