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Robert Reich • 21187 implied HN points • 16 Jan 24
  1. The Chevron doctrine allows agencies to interpret laws to protect the public, but it's under threat
  2. Challenges to the Chevron doctrine could give judges, not experts, power to invalidate regulations
  3. Corporate interests are pushing to end the Chevron doctrine to increase profits and reduce public protections
Human Flourishing • 2162 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. Covid mRNA vaccines were obtained without safety oversight via military acquisition paths.
  2. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) was used for Covid vaccines, designed for responding to bioterrorism situations.
  3. HHS partnered with DoD to utilize DoD's Other Transaction Authorities to bypass safety regulations for vaccine development.
Lukasz’s Substack • 3 HN points • 17 Apr 24
  1. ControlAI's platform offers a solution for AI safety and compliance, simplifying the complex process for users.
  2. Users can use the platform to create an inventory of AI assets, understand regulations like ISO Norms and GDPR, and track progress towards compliance.
  3. The platform also enables users to deploy defenses, showcase AI safety solutions, and collaborate with the AI community to enhance safety measures.
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Astral Codex Ten • 6056 implied HN points • 01 Aug 23
  1. CFTC's regulation on prediction markets sparks debate about potential rigging of US elections
  2. There is curiosity and activity in predicting the possibility of a room temperature superconductor
  3. PredictIt faces legal challenges but gets a stay of execution, highlighting the complexities in regulating real-money prediction markets
Construction Physics • 10021 implied HN points • 18 Feb 23
  1. Construction industry productivity issues may be due to organized special interests influencing the process with complex regulations and stakeholder approvals.
  2. Regulations have increased costs in construction through additional input requirements and negotiation delays.
  3. Increased regulation in the construction industry might not be causing productivity stagnation more than in other sectors, but it is a significant factor to consider.
thezvi • 2231 implied HN points • 17 Oct 23
  1. The world is becoming more aware of the fertility crisis and discussing potential solutions.
  2. Corporate ownership of fertility clinics has shown positive impacts on clinic volume and success rates.
  3. Research suggests that modern life may be contributing to low fertility rates by prioritizing social status over reproduction.
Bitcoin Magazine Pro • 412 implied HN points • 08 Jan 24
  1. Hong Kong is becoming a major hub for the digital asset industry in Asia.
  2. The Hong Kong government is actively supporting and legalizing digital assets to attract talent and business opportunities.
  3. Developers in Hong Kong, like those at UniSat, are making significant advancements and influencing the Bitcoin industry.
Fintech Business Weekly • 89 implied HN points • 03 Mar 24
  1. Leaked Treasury Prime documents highlight risks in Banking-as-a-Service business, including issues like churn, concentration, and slowing growth.
  2. Treasury Prime's strategic pivot to focus on selling to banks instead of fintechs resulted in drastic employee layoffs, shedding light on the challenging environment for middleware platforms in fintech.
  3. Fintech companies like Chime and Green Dot facing regulatory actions and penalties underscore the importance of compliance and customer service in the financial industry.
Points And Figures • 346 implied HN points • 09 Jan 24
  1. Carta attempted to tackle the liquidity problem of holding shares in private companies but faced challenges
  2. Creating a liquid market for private company stocks is difficult due to lack of buyers and sellers with aligned incentives
  3. Efforts to solve the liquidity problem might be more successful with digital programmable securities like security tokens
Nepetalactone Newsletter • 2162 implied HN points • 07 Jul 23
  1. Contamination with dsDNA found in mRNA vaccines due to manufacturing changes can lead to higher adverse events and lower RNA integrity.
  2. Informed consent did not include information about plasmid-derived dsDNA sequences present in the vaccines, raising concerns about potential risks.
  3. Independent scientists have replicated the findings of dsDNA contamination in the vaccines, highlighting the need for further investigation and transparency.
SuperJoost Playlist • 157 implied HN points • 01 Feb 24
  1. Apple faces criticism for its response to new EU regulations on app distribution, causing backlash from developers and regulators.
  2. The gaming industry is experiencing layoffs, with a significant number reported within January and concerns for the future.
  3. The US Senate's Judiciary Committee held a combative hearing with tech CEOs, highlighting the need for better dialogue on social media impact and online safety.
Law of VC • 89 implied HN points • 20 Feb 24
  1. The Carta Policy Team released a comprehensive VC Regulatory Playbook that simplifies the complex SEC rules for emerging fund managers.
  2. The playbook covers crucial topics including the regulation of fundraising, private funds, and fund managers along with an ERA Compliance Checklist.
  3. Fund managers can learn about specific regulations such as the Section 3(c)(1) and 3(c)(7) exemptions, the requirements for venture capital funds, and the importance of filing a Form ADV.
philsiarri • 67 implied HN points • 27 Feb 24
  1. The EU has approved regulations for instant euro payments within ten seconds, benefiting consumers and businesses in EU and EEA countries.
  2. Payment service providers, including banks, are required to offer instant payment services without any added costs, enhancing convenience for users.
  3. The regulations aim to enhance trust with IBAN and name verification, strengthen European payment firms against global competitors, and reduce dependence on non-European financial entities.
Pekingnology • 192 implied HN points • 12 Jan 24
  1. China's biopharmaceutical industry has made significant advancements but is now facing challenges, including the loss of market value.
  2. The industry has seen growth in innovative drugs, improved quality of generic drugs, and a rise in biopharmaceutical companies.
  3. Challenges in the industry include difficulty in getting new drugs on medical insurance lists, accessing hospital procurement lists, and a reduction in venture capital.
Interconnected • 446 implied HN points • 12 Nov 23
  1. China may be permanently behind the US in Generative AI due to factors like blocking quality datasets.
  2. Unique attributes of Chinese Internet data, like linguistic challenges, present additional hurdles for AI developers in China.
  3. New regulatory burdens in China around AI development may hinder progress and keep the country behind the US in generative AI.
Chartbook • 1659 implied HN points • 19 Mar 23
  1. A stressful day for financial markets due to negotiations about the future of Credit Suisse.
  2. Switzerland considering emergency measures for UBS to take over Credit Suisse amid banking crises.
  3. Signs of negative impact on the real economy, especially through small banks and commercial real estate loans.
Daily Digest • 58 implied HN points • 09 Feb 24
  1. Polygon released the 'Type 1 Prover' that integrates zero-knowledge proofs with EVM-compatible networks, reducing costs.
  2. U.S. senators criticized SEC Chair Gary Gensler for unethical handling of a crypto case involving the DEBT Box project.
  3. Ethereum's 'Dencun' upgrade is scheduled for March 13-16, aiming to improve the network's efficiency and scalability.
Fintech Fundamentals • 471 implied HN points • 08 Aug 23
  1. KYB is an extension of KYC processes, focusing on verifying identity and assessing risk of business customers.
  2. Regulatory landscape around KYB has evolved over time, with laws requiring more scrutiny on business relationships.
  3. Major trends in KYB include the growth of fraud and cyber risks, increasing number of small businesses, and the demand for consumer-like digital experiences by SMBs.
Jérôme à Paris • 437 implied HN points • 28 Jul 23
  1. Utilities lobbying for special favors can be seen as tactics to pressure governments for more favorable terms.
  2. Increased costs in the wind industry are real and partly a result of business decisions not to hedge against risks.
  3. Government regulations like the CfD are effective tools for encouraging low-cost capital investment in projects and should not be changed based on short-term pressures.
Concoda • 356 implied HN points • 07 Aug 23
  1. The interbank market has changed significantly due to regulations like The Dodd-Frank Act and The Basel Framework.
  2. Banks are now less willing to lend to each other, with the shadow banking layer taking on their previous roles.
  3. The Federal Funds market, once vital for dollar funding, is in decline as a result of these shifts and regulations.