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A newsletter about rejiggered literary classics, transmasculine underpinnings of the plucky heroine, and the failure-limits of graciousness, from table manners to family estrangement.

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The Chatner 27 likes 22 Sep 21
“Oh, what’s that? Is that a tiny little whale? Dude, were you just drawing a tiny little whale?” Oh, no, it’s nothing, really. Sorry, haha! I didn’t mean to interrupt or anything. Keep going, please. “It is a tiny little whale! Did you draw this?” haha I guess so. I wasn’t even thinking about it. Sometimes I just draw a tiny little whale. I don’t really know why
The Chatner 16 likes 20 Sep 21
No forbearance, I tell you, I get no forbearance — and no largesse, neither. Ever since I was a squire, I was a gudgeon. No kidding. When I was a kid, I was squire to Hugh of Tiberias, who always kept his shield so polished you could see your face in it. I asked him when I should start scrubbing, he takes one look at my countenance, tells me to take the day off.