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backstory 339 implied HN points 27 Jan 24
  1. The world's first malaria vaccine program started in Cameroon, marking a health revolution for Africa.
  2. The significance and impact of experiencing malaria firsthand in Africa, highlighting the challenges and realities of the disease.
  3. The importance of access to medical care and the different healthcare experiences faced in various regions, from experiences in Africa to a reflection on the British NHS.
The Frontier Psychiatrists 196 implied HN points 28 Jan 24
  1. The Frontier Psychiatrists were featured on The Soft White Underbelly with discussions on novel depression treatments.
  2. The interview quickly garnered over 6,000 views within a few hours of being launched on a Sunday.
  3. Topics covered in the interview included accelerated TMS, fMRI guided neuromodulation, bipolar depression, and more.
Unreported Truths 88 implied HN points 20 Feb 24
  1. Back surgery should be carefully considered, especially for issues like foot drops, and timing is crucial for optimal results
  2. Medical decisions can be complex and involve balancing risks and benefits, especially when it comes to surgery
  3. Health insurance and administrative delays can impact timely medical interventions
Holly Elmore 39 implied HN points 17 Jan 24
  1. The author discusses anorgasmia, a condition where individuals do not experience orgasms.
  2. Approximately 7-10% of women have primary anorgasmia, based on sexual function surveys.
  3. The author feels content without orgasms and believes knowing about orgasms caused feelings of deficiency.
The Shift With Sam Baker 99 implied HN points 20 Jul 23
  1. The author reflects on their fascination with true crime, which started at a young age and was influenced by real-life cases like the disappearance of Genette Tate.
  2. The author's obsession with true crime led to a fear and paranoia, especially fueled by notorious cases like the Yorkshire Ripper and other high-profile crimes in the late 70s.
  3. The lasting impact of these true crime stories led to the author developing nighttime rituals and a constant awareness of personal safety.
Ladyparts 219 implied HN points 16 Nov 22
  1. The cost of prescription drugs in America can be exorbitant, but some drugs are becoming more affordable as they go generic.
  2. The power of social media and activism was demonstrated when a tweet led to a significant financial loss for a pharmaceutical company.
  3. Exploring alternative options for buying prescription drugs can sometimes lead to more affordable prices, such as considering purchasing them from other countries.
The Heart Attack Diet 39 implied HN points 08 Aug 23
  1. The author conducted an experiment by live-blogging the process of eating a pizza to observe its effects on their energy levels.
  2. Eating pizza seemed to cause temporary effects like eye strain and mental fatigue, but overall, the author felt energetic and productive after the meal.
  3. The author concluded that their experience with carbs causing drowsiness was likely a transient issue, noting that pizza served as good fuel for their writing.
Autoscriptorium 59 implied HN points 12 Feb 23
  1. Longevity literacy is important for understanding how long one might live after retirement, especially crucial for women who tend to live longer.
  2. Taking time for rest and reflection, like during winter, can lead to deep thinking and planning for the future.
  3. Reflecting on experiences and clearing one's mind can bring a sense of relief and renewal, allowing for fresh perspectives.
Joshua Gans' Newsletter 0 implied HN points 15 Feb 13
  1. The author's travel experience on September 11, 2001 was dramatically affected by the terrorist attacks, leading to unexpected disruptions and unprecedented experiences.
  2. Despite the chaos and uncertainty, the author witnessed the sense of solidarity and peace among people in the United States during that challenging time.
  3. The lasting impact of the author's journey is encapsulated in the entry stamp on their passport dated September 11, 2001, a poignant reminder of a significant moment in history.