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8 implied HN points 11 Oct 23
  1. The Internet allows people to be anyone they want, creating a world where true identities are hard to discern.
  2. Working as a 'Conductor' on Twitter involved controlling multiple anonymous accounts to influence conversations and engagement.
  3. The job as a 'Conductor' became isolating and overwhelming, leading to a desire to quit and reveal the truth to followers.
4 implied HN points 25 Oct 23
  1. In 1983, Nestl\u00e9 had to think outside the box to introduce Maggi Noodles to India, a market unfamiliar with instant noodles.
  2. The success of Maggi Noodles came from targeting children as the primary consumers and positioning the product as a snack, not a meal.
  3. Nestl\u00e9's innovative marketing strategies, like using hanging baskets in stores, played a crucial role in making Maggi a staple in Indian households.
15 implied HN points 09 Mar 23
  1. Sri Mandir is a startup creating an app aimed at transforming devotion for smartphone users in India.
  2. The app combines traditional practices with modern technology, making it nostalgic yet innovative.
  3. Sri Mandir's success highlights the significant market for religious products and the potential for growth and impact in faith-tech industry.
4 implied HN points 18 Oct 23
  1. Gary Dahl's success with the Pet Rock stemmed from targeting a specific audience that resonated with his product.
  2. Identifying a smallest viable audience is crucial for entrepreneurs and creators to tailor their offerings effectively.
  3. Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, focus on finding the right audience that is already interested in what you have to offer.
3 implied HN points 01 Nov 23
  1. Hari's brother Prakash became an online sensation with over a million subscribers by showcasing the city and everyday life on his YouTube channel.
  2. Prakash left his YouTube channel credentials to Hari before passing away, leaving him with the responsibility of deciding the fate of his brother's digital legacy.
  3. Hari is faced with the dilemma of whether to continue Prakash's online presence to honor his memory or to let it fade away, highlighting the complexities of dealing with a loved one's digital inheritance.
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