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The Beautiful Mess 662 implied HN points 17 Mar 24
  1. Having firsthand experience is crucial in understanding product concepts, like observing failed launches or successful market fit.
  2. Seeing a team hit dead ends before succeeding can encourage more leeway for experimentation and resilience.
  3. Direct access to customers, effective team dynamics, and confronting false assumptions can greatly impact decision-making and product success.
The SaaS Baton 78 implied HN points 02 Aug 23
  1. Implement switch interviews to understand why customers stop using your product.
  2. Build a partner referral channel from the beginning to drive demand without heavy marketing spending.
  3. Utilize pricing exercises and customer feedback to ensure you are charging appropriately for your product.
Good Better Best 3 implied HN points 23 Feb 24
  1. Start pricing research externally with quantitative surveys, using methodologies like MaxDiff, Conjoint, Van Westendorp, and Gabor Granger to understand customer preferences and price sensitivity.
  2. Consider using survey vendors like Qualtrics, QuestionPro, SawTooth, or Conjointly based on your product, team sophistication, and target market for data collection.
  3. For deeper insights, conduct qualitative interviews to explore nuances and motivations behind pricing decisions, ensuring flexibility, validity, and complementing quantitative efforts.
Brick by Brick 45 implied HN points 05 Jul 23
  1. Losing sales opportunities can be a great learning opportunity for both sales and engineering teams.
  2. Sales losses can occur due to reasons like lack of alignment with customer needs, inadequate value proposition, and price constraints.
  3. To learn from sales losses, it's important to assess gaps in perceived value, interview customers for insights, and continually review reasons for lost deals.
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Build To Scale 0 implied HN points 18 Aug 23
  1. Identifying patterns among customers is crucial for building and scaling a startup. This skill is valuable for optimizing sales and marketing strategies.
  2. Understanding qualitative aspects of customer situations can lead to better targeting and product optimization. It's essential to focus on specific customer segments and use cases rather than aiming for broad generalizations.
  3. Talking to customers and salespeople is key to uncovering valuable patterns. Customer visits and sales insights can help identify buying trends and inform marketing strategies.