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Venture Prose • 1517 implied HN points • 18 Feb 24
  1. The goal of a first meeting is to trigger a second one; good investor asks the right questions, bad one slows you down.
  2. Important elements of a good pitch: timing, preciseness, energy, and emotion to keep investors engaged.
  3. Entrepreneurs need optimism, clarity of vision, and ability to adapt quickly; assess qualities like learning from experience and embracing learning from others.
Culture Study • 2308 implied HN points • 30 Jan 24
  1. Share your services or store to reach a wider audience by posting in a classifieds section like this.
  2. Offer your skills for free or a low fee to help others, whether it's proofreading, grant writing tips, or providing other specific services.
  3. Showcase your creative work like photography, writing, music, or design in platforms that allow you to share with interested audiences.
Substack • 1028 implied HN points • 28 Feb 24
  1. Substack now offers direct messaging, allowing users to have one-to-one private conversations with other writers and readers in the network.
  2. Direct messages on Substack can be used to build subscriber loyalty, connect with fellow writers for collaboration, and cultivate reader community by engaging directly with the audience.
  3. DMs are a new feature that can enhance relationships within the Substack community, providing opportunities for more personal and meaningful interactions between users.
Granted • 16931 implied HN points • 26 Mar 23
  1. Don't require acknowledgment that an email was received. It can come off as needy or paranoid.
  2. Instead of directly asking someone to share your content, explain why it might interest them. They're more likely to share it out of genuine interest.
  3. When seeking feedback, focus on asking for advice on a specific issue rather than expecting a detailed critique.
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SeattleDataGuy’s Newsletter • 482 implied HN points • 22 Feb 24
  1. Define your niche: Before starting a consulting business, determine what specific problems you aim to solve for clients.
  2. Attracting clients: Methods to find clients include content marketing, networking, referrals, sales outreach, and vendor partnerships.
  3. Creating a marketing funnel: Use frameworks like AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) to organize and target your content towards potential clients.
SemiAnalysis • 4849 implied HN points • 30 Aug 23
  1. Broadcom is the second largest AI chip company in the world behind NVIDIA, driven by Google's TPU ramp.
  2. Broadcom's strategy involves acquiring companies with strong products, cutting costs, and focusing on core products.
  3. Broadcom has diversified segments including wireless, networking, and custom silicon, with a focus on efficiency and stable growth.
Rod’s Blog • 575 implied HN points • 04 Jan 24
  1. Finding the right opportunity at Microsoft can be about letting things unfold naturally, embracing roles that align with your skills while leaving room for growth.
  2. Getting an interview at Microsoft often depends on having a strong advocate within the company willing to support and recommend you.
  3. During the interview process at Microsoft, showcasing a willingness to learn, sharing real-world experiences, and being prepared to discuss inclusivity can make a positive impact.
Oliver Bateman Does the Work • 176 implied HN points • 09 Feb 24
  1. The author emphasizes the importance of authentic and deep writing, prioritizing integrity and curiosity over digital fame and performative online culture.
  2. The Substack platform allows the author to explore a variety of topics that capture their interest, free from market trends or ideological constraints.
  3. The author's work on Substack reflects a commitment to consistent output, supported by paid subscribers, enabling a balance between creative freedom and financial stability.
Low Latency Trading Insights • 196 implied HN points • 02 Feb 24
  1. Solarflare specializes in high-performance, low-latency networking solutions like NICs used in data centers and financial services.
  2. Solarflare provides hardware such as Flareon adapters and XtremeScale NICs for high-speed networking.
  3. Software offerings from Solarflare like Onload and TCP Direct provide APIs for accelerated network performance and lower latency.
Day One • 279 implied HN points • 13 Jan 24
  1. Participate in the Day One Referral Program by inviting friends to subscribe and read Day One for special benefits and access.
  2. Share your referral link to earn rewards like discount coupons for courses and even a one-on-one consulting call.
  3. Focus on genuine sharing and personal experience when promoting the program to get the best results.
America 2.0 (by Gary Sheng) • 137 implied HN points • 09 Feb 24
  1. Aim to create a memorable event experience that elevates attendees' lives and makes them feel it was time well spent.
  2. Curate a great guest list for your event to ensure a positive atmosphere and provide opportunities for valuable connections among attendees.
  3. Design each moment of your event meticulously, from initial promotion to follow-up, ensuring thoughtful details that make attendees feel valued and create lasting impressions.
Subconscious • 1974 implied HN points • 25 Apr 23
  1. LLMs can manipulate the internet in various ways, but signing everything with cryptographic keys can help combat these issues.
  2. Cryptographic signatures provide a foundation to rebuild trust online and ensure authenticity.
  3. Building webs of trust through self-sovereign keys, reputation, and attestation can enhance security and collaboration in the digital world.
Bite code! • 1223 implied HN points • 08 Jul 23
  1. Making HTTP POST requests can have unexpected challenges, like dealing with network issues and corporate setups.
  2. Using ThreadExecutor and ThreadPoolExecutor in Python can help manage tasks efficiently, especially in scenarios like log aggregation.
  3. Error handling is crucial in programming, and sometimes unconventional solutions are needed to manage exceptions effectively.
Mule’s Musings • 256 implied HN points • 17 Dec 23
  1. Marvell's Industry Analyst Day focused on AI and highlighted strong revenue growth expectations for the company related to AI technologies.
  2. Marvell expects significant revenue from AI in 2024, with over two billion dollars projected, driven by AI demand and server attach rates.
  3. Marvell's strategy involves leveraging networking, custom silicon, and pluggable transceivers to position themselves as a key player in the AI semiconductor market.
Talking Travel Writing • 117 implied HN points • 30 Jan 24
  1. Joining travel writing networks can boost your profile and help you get more commissions.
  2. TravMedia offers a community for travel writers and PR professionals to exchange news and build networks.
  3. KITI Social provides tools to help travel writers showcase their work, connect with others, and find work opportunities.
Recontact • 39 implied HN points • 29 Feb 24
  1. Always be passionate and excited about talking about your work and shamelessly sell to potential clients.
  2. In sales, key strategies include outbound, inbound, personal network sales, and handling calls for closing deals.
  3. Engage with clients genuinely, be a good listener during calls, follow up with gratitude, and strategically approach asking for payments.
Lost In Abstractions • 1 HN point • 11 Apr 24
  1. TLS encryption involves various components like digital certificates, public key cryptography, symmetric key encryption, and cipher suites.
  2. A TLS handshake process includes agreeing on a cipher suite, server authentication, session key exchange, and establishing a secure connection.
  3. Version differences in TLS, such as TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3, impact the handshake process, with features like forward secrecy in 1.2 and shorter handshakes in 1.3.
Oleksii Sidorov • 815 HN points • 29 Mar 23
  1. The Y Combinator program tends to treat all companies similarly, despite differences in stage and industry.
  2. The networking opportunities within the program may be limited due to the large number of companies and lack of common ground.
  3. The main value of participating in Y Combinator often revolves around fundraising, but the benefits may vary depending on the specific situation of the company.
Recruiting Brainfood • 805 implied HN points • 13 Apr 23
  1. The future of publishing and community platforms may revolve around LinkedIn, Twitter, and Substack.
  2. Substack Notes is a new feature that got Elon Musk's attention and led to Twitter blocking the sharing of Substack links.
  3. Substack Notes offers an ad-free, spam-free environment for sharing thoughts and only shows content from those you subscribe to.