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Read Max β€’ 1879 implied HN points β€’ 21 Dec 23
  1. Many feel the internet is less fun now because of changing demographics and shifting cultural preferences.
  2. The internet may not be objectively worse, but it is used differently by various audiences.
  3. The embrace of AI in tech culture is influenced by historical themes of hierarchical society and authoritarian politics.
AI Disruption β€’ 39 implied HN points β€’ 07 May 24
  1. Silicon Valley AI engineers are burnt out due to high workload and constantly changing priorities.
  2. Many tech companies use AI for the sake of using it, focusing on hype rather than real problem-solving.
  3. The rush to release AI products quickly can lead to failures and negative consequences, highlighting a current bubble in the AI industry.
The Hard Fork by Marvin Liao β€’ 216 implied HN points β€’ 13 Jan 24
  1. Silicon Valley is seeing a shift towards a more masculine, ruthless culture led by powerful men in tech.
  2. Tech companies are moving towards a leaner, more focused approach after facing financial challenges.
  3. Surviving in the current Silicon Valley landscape requires a severe mindset change, frugality, and hard work.
Geopolitical Economy Report β€’ 518 implied HN points β€’ 19 Mar 23
  1. The US government printed $300 billion in a week to bail out Silicon Valley and banks, ensuring all uninsured deposits were paid, benefitting wealthy oligarchs and venture capital firms.
  2. Silicon Valley Bank, while portrayed as supporting start-ups, actually catered mostly to venture capitalists and had risky practices, ultimately requiring a massive bailout.
  3. The Federal Reserve's $300 billion bailout exposed a double standard: the rich get bailed out while the government resists increased regulation that could prevent future crises, showing a system of privilege for the elite.
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The Magnet β€’ 176 implied HN points β€’ 12 Feb 23
  1. Psychic surgery can be deceptive and fraudulent, with practitioners often using tricks to appear miraculous.
  2. The HP Garage in Palo Alto is considered the birthplace of Silicon Valley, where Hewlett and Packard started making electronic equipment.
  3. Dr. Frederick Terman's encouragement to students at Stanford University led to the establishment of Silicon Valley by Hewlett and Packard in the 1930s.
Methexis β€’ 117 implied HN points β€’ 19 Apr 23
  1. Personal assistants are not the ultimate goal of personal computing, but rather a result of social influence and wealth.
  2. Silicon Valley execs have a false consensus bias in assuming everyone needs personal AI assistants like they do.
  3. The market for democratizing personal Chief of Staff roles through AI presents a financially viable startup opportunity.
Breaking Smart β€’ 83 implied HN points β€’ 25 Mar 23
  1. Silicon Valley is experiencing a generation shift in tech with the return of silicon fabrication to the region.
  2. The passing of Gordon Moore marks a significant moment in the tech industry and highlights the renewal underway.
  3. Actual silicon manufacturing hasn't been a common practice in Silicon Valley for decades, with most fabs moving to Asia.
Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends β€’ 0 implied HN points β€’ 27 Oct 16
  1. The pre-Internet history of social media was kinder and better, with no commercial mandates or indexes.
  2. Research shows people are becoming less satisfied with dating apps, raising questions about the fault lying in ourselves, phones, or stars.
  3. Silicon Valley is disrupting various aspects of life, including food with innovations like DNA-based meal planning.