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bojan 1 HN points 11 Mar 23
Silicon Valley and the tech world have been rattled yesterday by the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank. This is apparently the second biggest bank implosion in the US history. SVB has played an outsize role in the Silicon Valley echo system, and has been a preferred banking solution for many startups. I have never actually used it myself, and aside from one of their branches on California Avenue in Palo Alto, have not really seen any of their offices. By all appearances, SVB seems to have been a very “traditional” bank in terms of its operations, with no crazy “fintech” bells and whistles. Which seems to have played into its reputation as a “stable” institution.
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bojan 2 likes 14 Mar 23
I'm giving away one Nvidia RTX 4080 Founders Edition for the upcoming GTC Spring 2023