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Tom Ryan, Author 631 likes 14 Sep 22
Brought by another pelting overnight rainstorm, we woke up to Autumn this morning. She is as lovely as I remembered and was waiting outside for us as we spilled into the wet grass in the backyard. She immediately reached out and kissed us. This was the moment we'd been waiting for.
Tom Ryan, Author 498 likes 23 Sep 22
I have the five western letters I promised you ready to go and planned to share the first with you tonight, but a letter came in the mail today. I decided to share it before heading West, for it made me smile, and I thought you’d enjoy it, too. Dear Tom Ryan,
Tom Ryan, Author 382 likes 19 Sep 22
It’s raining as I write this—a lusty downpour leaving huge bucket puddles in the backyard while soaking the mustard yellow leaves of the black ash tree just outside our bedroom window. It’s raw and feels as the first bite of autumn should. A steaming mug of cinnamon apple tea sits next to me while …