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435 implied HN points 17 Feb 24
  1. Hermès sells luxury by focusing on craftsmanship, heritage, and long-term thinking, with iconic bags like the Birkin and Kelly embodying these values.
  2. The concept of 'time' is central to Hermès' brand, with leadership emphasizing selling time and creating desire through managed supply and quality craftsmanship.
  3. The history and heritage of luxury brands like Hermès play a significant role in their perceived value, illustrating a strong correlation between brand longevity and luxury status.
95 implied HN points 08 Mar 24
  1. The Economist's cover is seen as a contrarian investing signal, with examples showing it may indicate market trends, but careful analysis is necessary.
  2. The Economist acts as a curator-in-chief for relevant news, publishing content anonymously in one voice, and holding influence among decision-makers.
  3. Jalapeños are less spicy due to Big Ag influence, TikTok faces potential ban due to bipartisan concerns, and Dune 2 review includes insights on visuals, cast, and production.
58 implied HN points 15 Mar 24
  1. Being present and focusing on the now is a common theme among successful individuals like Jensen Huang, Cillian Murphy, Michael Jordan, Jerry Seinfeld, and Oprah Winfrey.
  2. Living in the present moment and minimizing rumination about the past or worries about the future is key to achieving goals and success.
  3. Although the concept of 'now is the most important time' may seem generic, it holds value in helping people stay focused and achieve their aspirations.
201 implied HN points 19 Jan 24
  1. Tech apps influence our behavior through metrics, so don't blindly follow them
  2. Metrics like rankings, step counts, and likes can lead to 'value capture' influencing our decisions and behavior
  3. Be aware of how external metrics set by institutions in apps can guide our values and behaviors without us realizing
84 implied HN points 23 Feb 24
  1. Many famous YouTubers are quitting after about a decade due to burnout, desire for new challenges, and moving on to new things.
  2. Václav Havel's essay 'Second Wind' explores the choices an artist has after initial success: repeat past successes, build on them in the same lane, or try something completely new for a 'second wind.'
  3. YouTubers like Tom Scott, MatPat, and Seth Everman are examples of creators seeking their 'second winds' by quitting YouTube after around ten years of success.
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47 implied HN points 01 Mar 24
  1. The meme template featuring Juan Joya Borja, also known as El Risitas, has gained immense popularity for its universal humor and captivating storytelling.
  2. Juan Joya Borja's infectious laughter in the meme is a key factor contributing to its widespread appeal, as laughter is a universal social bonding mechanism.
  3. The structure of El Risitas' story, following a narrative arc that gets progressively worse, adds to the meme's appeal and showcases the power of storytelling in humor.
69 implied HN points 27 Jan 24
  1. Apple prioritizes packaging as a form of theater to create memorable unboxing experiences.
  2. The design of Apple packaging is deeply rooted in human psychology, focusing on creating a luxury, multi-sensory experience.
  3. Apple's packaging reflects the company's commitment to perfection and attention to detail, reflecting their dedication to creating a high-quality product.
100 implied HN points 29 Dec 23
  1. Create for yourself first - don't try to guess what others will like, make what you like.
  2. Having no investments can sometimes be the best investment strategy.
  3. Using two phones - one for productive tasks and one for distractions - can help increase focus and productivity.
329 implied HN points 01 Sep 23
  1. Amazon's ad business has grown significantly, reaching a revenue run rate of $43 billion annually, surpassing other social media platforms.
  2. Amazon's shift towards embracing ads was influenced by the need to reduce dependence on Google search slots and utilize its valuable first-party transaction data.
  3. Amazon ads have become highly profitable and could rival its AWS business in terms of generating absolute profits, signaling a significant shift in the digital advertising landscape.
254 implied HN points 23 Sep 23
  1. Entrepreneurs like Joe Coulombe, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk were inspired by reading single articles to start successful ventures.
  2. Reading diverse and random content can help build a unique insight stack when combined with other skills.
  3. Reading and continuous learning are crucial for developing insights that lead to successful ventures or investments.
90 implied HN points 08 Dec 23
  1. Chip Wilson pioneered the athleisure industry by solving clothing problems like the 'camel-toe issue'.
  2. Lululemon's success came from addressing the need for functional and fashionable female athletic apparel.
  3. Wilson's focus on vertical retailing and product innovation led to Lululemon's growth in the athleisure market, including solving unique design problems like the 'ball-crushing' issue with the ABC pants.
53 implied HN points 05 Jan 24
  1. Disney lost copyright on the 1928 'Steamboat Willie' version of Mickey Mouse, showing their contradictory relationship with public domain.
  2. Disney is a major user of public domain content but also supports copyright extension laws to protect their own works.
  3. The tension between copyright and creativity lies in finding the right balance for how long protections for works should last.
84 implied HN points 02 Dec 23
  1. Context matters more than content in the age of AI-generated audio, images, and videos.
  2. AI tools are democratizing advanced audio and video creation.
  3. The reactions to generative AI art typically go through 8 stages, highlighting the evolving nature of technology and creativity.
21 implied HN points 09 Feb 24
  1. A new sports app by ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery is aiming to attract a younger audience through streaming without cannibalizing traditional cable bundles.
  2. A consulting firm charging exorbitant fees for Ivy League admission consulting highlights the extreme lengths wealthy parents go to secure college acceptance for their children.
  3. Vail Resorts' success with the Epic Pass showcases how offering a membership with access to ski mountains can generate significant revenue, similar to gyms with unused memberships.
196 implied HN points 29 Jul 23
  1. Having a "Cocaine Phone" for distractions and a "Kale Phone" for focus can help manage smartphone addiction.
  2. Variable rewards from apps can lead to smartphone addiction by triggering dopamine responses.
  3. Creating a phone protocol with limited app access can increase productivity and reduce distractions.
31 implied HN points 13 Jan 24
  1. Heritage Auctions is challenging the age-old auction duopoly of Sotheby's and Christie's with a focus on niche markets like rare coins.
  2. Auction houses like Sotheby's and Christie's make money by taking commissions from both buyers and sellers and face challenges like collusion and price-fixing allegations.
  3. Heritage Auctions' success lies in focusing on growing auction categories, being internet-native, and prioritizing transparency compared to the established duopoly.
159 implied HN points 12 Aug 23
  1. Trader Joe's built a successful model by paying employees well and making strategic decisions based on that foundation.
  2. Trader Joe's differentiated itself by offering unique products, focusing on customer trust and education, and maintaining a friendly atmosphere in-store.
  3. Trader Joe's small store size, selective product range, and high sales per square foot contribute to its niche success in the grocery market.
122 implied HN points 09 Sep 23
  1. In 2007, Steve Jobs chose Corning's Gorilla Glass for the iPhone screen, sparking a journey into the science and history of glass development.
  2. Corning's development of Gorilla Glass involved innovative techniques like ion exchange to strengthen the glass and meet Apple's demands for a durable and thin screen.
  3. Corning, a 170-year-old company, has a diverse range of products beyond Gorilla Glass, showcasing resilience and adaptation in various industries including optical communications and life sciences.
323 implied HN points 10 Feb 23
  1. Amazon uses writing culture with memos for decisions and understanding.
  2. Apple relies on product demos for decision-making and product development.
  3. Both Amazon memos and Apple demos force ideas from the brain into the real world and create a bias to action.
84 implied HN points 29 Sep 23
  1. Spirit Halloween is a massive seasonal business making over $650m a year in only 2 months.
  2. The success of Spirit Halloween is due to its pioneering pop-up store model and the US Halloween Industrial Complex.
  3. The business's real estate operation includes over 1,450 locations set up in strategic areas to capture foot traffic.
148 implied HN points 24 Jun 23
  1. To excel in any profession, there are specific table stakes and dedication required
  2. Success often involves extreme dedication, unique skills, and consistent effort over time
  3. Understanding the table stakes of a profession is crucial before committing to it
106 implied HN points 22 Jul 23
  1. Walt Disney created Disneyland to be a place of ordered and harmonious experiences, focusing on storytelling and immersive worlds.
  2. Disney's Imagineering process involves attention to detail and strategic design choices to enhance the guest experience and create a cohesive environment.
  3. Disneyland's success as a profitable venture showcases the importance of theme parks in driving revenue for the Disney empire, despite challenges like high admission prices and up-selling strategies.
74 implied HN points 04 Aug 23
  1. Nike lost top athletes Messi and Curry due to corporate incompetence.
  2. Nike prioritizes marketing superhuman aesthetics over regular person looks.
  3. Lesson: Extraordinary skills and unshakeable wills matter more than fitting a brand's archetype.
154 implied HN points 04 Feb 23
  1. Slightly editing an idea can be powerful as humans desire both familiarity and novelty.
  2. The 3% Rule suggests altering a product or idea by only 3% to create something new, balancing between familiarity and novelty.
  3. Combining familiarity and novelty is key in design as seen in examples like iconic logos and successful research proposals.
122 implied HN points 15 Apr 23
  1. Hello Kitty's success is attributed to its simple design, cultural relevance, and successful licensing strategies.
  2. Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, utilized strategic business decisions to expand globally and maintain the character's appeal over time.
  3. Hello Kitty's design, rooted in Japanese gifting culture and the kawaii aesthetic, contributed to its global success and longevity.
100 implied HN points 27 May 23
  1. Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, and Quentin Tarantino exemplify the power of walking away at their peak in creative careers.
  2. Knowing when to leave a creative endeavor can lead to a more impactful and successful body of work.
  3. The concept of 'getting out on a high note' aligns with the peak-end rule in psychology, emphasizing the importance of peaks and endings in influencing memories.
132 implied HN points 25 Feb 23
  1. Persistence and time are crucial in achieving success, like the story of James Dyson's long journey to create the bagless vacuum.
  2. Compounding effort and time can lead to significant achievements, as seen in the success of Jack Butcher's NFT project.
  3. Investing time in a worthwhile endeavor is valuable, as time is a powerful multiplier in achieving success, illustrated by Warren Buffett's success later in life.