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19 implied HN points 29 Sep 23
  1. Structure Therapeutics' GPCR showed significant weight reduction in overweight patients with their oral GLP-1 receptor agonist GSBR-1290.
  2. The once-a-day pill resulted in 4.8kg weight loss, approximately 5.4% at the highest dose after 28 days.
  3. The data from Structure Therapeutics' Phase 1b study is compared with other oral medications for obesity in the same field.
19 implied HN points 30 Aug 23
  1. Educational content for understanding biotech investing through charts.
  2. Biotechs often use various types of graphs to represent data outcomes.
  3. Knowing and understanding important plots in biotech can be crucial when interpreting data.
0 implied HN points 11 Feb 23
  1. aTyr Pharma announced a financing that diluted the company by 45% by offering shares at $2.25 each.
  2. The financing raised $50 million for aTyr Pharma.
  3. aTyr Pharma also received a $10 million milestone from their Japanese partner Kyroin.
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0 implied HN points 22 May 23
  1. Biotech industry is rebounding despite FTC news affecting M&A activity last week.
  2. Weight loss sector is gaining attention with Pfizer's oral GLP-1 drug in spotlight.
  3. Pfizer's data on weight loss drug was published in JAMA, creating buzz in the market.
0 implied HN points 06 Feb 23
  1. Addex Therapeutics featured in a spotlight post
  2. There is diminished enthusiasm in the stock $ADXN
  3. Janssen completes enrollment of Part 1 of Phase 2 clinical study of ADX71149 in epilepsy
0 implied HN points 13 Jun 23
  1. PDS Biotechnology faced a drop in stock value after uncertainty surrounding response rates.
  2. The company reported a 41.2% confirmed/unconfirmed overall response rate.
  3. Consider the buy opportunity with PDS Biotechnology or watch from the sidelines.
0 implied HN points 11 Mar 23
  1. Silicon Valley Bank's collapse is impacting many tech and biotech companies
  2. The bank did business with about half of American tech and biotech companies
  3. Cash-burning companies are now uncertain about the fate of their deposits
0 implied HN points 15 Jun 23
  1. Biotech stock trading down after announcing 'successful results' could indicate data not being truly successful.
  2. Companies may highlight cherry-picked positive results, while the overall study did not meet expectations.
  3. It's important to be cautious when biotech companies start discussing specific parts of their studies.
0 implied HN points 12 Apr 23
  1. Private money in biotech is accumulating but waiting to be deployed.
  2. Q1 2023 saw the 4th strongest quarter for new capital raised by venture funds in 6 years.
  3. Growing interest from investors to re-enter biopharma deals, particularly in private markets.