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Matt Ehret's Insights 27 likes 13 Aug 22
“We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.” - Henry John Temple, aka Lord Palmerston (Britain’s Prime Minister from 1855-1858, 1859-1865), oversaw Britain’s First Opium War (1839-1842) as Head of Britain’s Foreign Office and the Second Opium War (1856-1860) as Britain’s Prime Minister against China.
Matt Ehret's Insights 27 likes 02 Aug 22
This is an expanded version of an article which was first published on The Cradle on August 1st The oft-repeated neoliberal messaging proclaiming Russia’s isolation as a pariah state is wearing thin. While the self-mutilating Trans-Atlantic community are loyally following the call to cut ties with Russia even if it means destroying the livelihoods of their own citizens, other nations- including most of Southwest Asia, and Africa don’t appear to be taking this call to self-destruction very seriously.
Matt Ehret's Insights 21 likes 16 Aug 22
It isn’t often that a generation lives through a systemic breakdown crisis. While many shallower minds are quick to lay blame to the cause of their troubles on a convenient scapegoat (1), the fact is that these sorts of systemic collapses take time and the root causes are to be found in something both more universal and more subjective.
Matt Ehret's Insights 21 likes 10 Aug 22
What unites the careers and psychological profiles of Maximilian Robespierre, Leon Trotsky, Steve Bannon and Miles Guo across space and time? The simplest answer is that all four men were used as controlled opposition designed to lead abused mobs of downtrodden civilians into a complete tearing down of power structures which were themselves targeted for annihilation by a supranational oligarchy.
Matt Ehret's Insights 17 likes 27 Jul 22
In this episode of the Mel K show, I was invited to 1) unpack the secret origins of NATO, 2) explain how this utopian military paradigm dovetailed with the rise of Neo-Malthusianism and also 3) conduct a deep dive on the synthetic shells installed into managerial positions within the collapsing neoliberal world order.
Matt Ehret's Insights 16 likes 06 Aug 22
In this episode of TNT Radio's Deprogram with Michael Parker, I was invited to speak about the controlling forces pushing war with China, and Russia in the wake of Pelosi's disastrous Asian tour. We also dived into a history of the American deep state, and the new hope for Africa and the Arab World arising in the wake of Lavrov's recent tour and broader multipolar alliance.
Matt Ehret's Insights 16 likes 18 Jul 22
Recently, I chatted with the film maker, writer, lecturer and social commentator Sean Stone about The Clash of the Two Americas vol 1 (The Unfinished Symphony) and many other big ideas. While we touched on some current and historical political lessons, the discussion focused on the scientific and metaphysical principles of human nature, religion, historical research and Natural Law.
Matt Ehret's Insights 16 likes 31 Jul 22
In this comprehensive interview with Russian television's DEN TV, I was invited to explain the historic roots of Russian-US friendship from 1776 to the defeat of Hitler, as well as an indepth analysis of cybernetics as the foundation for the cultish monstrosity known in modern times as the Great Reset and cult of trans-humanism.
Matt Ehret's Insights 15 likes 01 Aug 22
Was the US revolution merely a pragmatic fight between 13 colonies and an overbearing British Empire, or was something much greater at play during the years 1776-1783’s signing of the Peace of Paris? Could the revolution have been successful without the international cooperation of republican leaders around the world stretching from France, Poland, Prussia, Ireland, Russia, and even India and Morocco? How about the influence of Chinese Confucian thought on the formation of the young republic and why did the Continental Congress choose the name of Muslim freedom fighter Hydar Ali as the name of the first US naval flag ship?
Matt Ehret's Insights 15 likes 03 Aug 22
Many paradoxes are littered about the contours of history, and many false narratives have been placed between the mind of truth seekers and the basic elementary facts of historical causality which would provide the greatest insight not only into the reasons for our current crises, but also creative insights into solutions for the future.
Matt Ehret's Insights 15 likes 22 Jul 22
In this episode of The American Journal with Harrison Smith on Infowars, I was invited to speak about my work on The Unfinished Symphony (vol 1 of the Clash of the Two Americas) and The Untold History of Canada series, with a focus on the international dynamics of 1776, the failure of Canada to accept the Ben Franklin challenge, the 1688 Deep State takeover of England, the failure of the Jacobin Color Revolution and the Anglo-Canadian foundations to Lincoln's murder.
Matt Ehret's Insights 11 likes 08 Aug 22
In this 4th of a series of historical videos inspired by the audiobook of Clash of the Two Americas vol 1 (the Unfinished Symphony) you will be introduced to a side of Benjamin Franklin which has been suppressed by 250 years of revisionist history. This involves seeing him as a scientist, statesmen, poet and cultural warrior operating on a very long wave of history.
Matt Ehret's Insights 10 likes 15 Aug 22
In this Canadian edition of Campaign for America with Lt. Steve Rogers, I was invited to discuss a myriad of topics ranging from the role of Russia within the NWO, Zelensky and Kolomoskoi in Ukraine and the role of Soros in both China and the USA. We also discussed the oncoming economic collapse and how it were possible even at this late date, of avoiding WWIII.
Matt Ehret's Insights 8 likes 29 Jul 22
This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting an event featuring Joaquin Flores on where the topic of “Russia and the New World Order” was discussed. Joaquin provided a concise overview of global developments and shed light into the two opposing systems pulling on humanity's under-defined future.
Matt Ehret's Insights 8 likes 06 Aug 22
This Sunday August 7 at 2pm Eastern Time, I will be moderating a discussion with filmmaker, poet and truthseeker Sean Stone who will deliver his thoughts on the power of creativity as a transformative force for good. We will tackle a myriad of topics, but not the least include the role of film and story telling as a medium of either edification of the soul or enslavement and why the idea of absolute limits to humanity’s growth potential are illusory.
Matt Ehret's Insights 7 likes 12 Aug 22
In this 5th of a series of historical videos inspired by the audiobook of Clash of the Two Americas vol 1 (the Unfinished Symphony) narrated by Hugh Patrick Trudeau and produced by Jason Dahl, you will be introduced to the real reasons that Canada failed to become the 14th colony to break free of the British Empire in 1776 despite the extraordinary efforts of patriots in both the USA and the french speaking colony alike.
Matt Ehret's Insights 7 likes 20 Jul 22
To this day many people have been misled by revisionist historians into two false perceptions about 19th Century America and especially the figure of Abraham Lincoln. On the one hand, there has been a multi-generational romanticization of Lincoln as an angelic figure who has a “more than human” character which is ultimately impossible to identify with. On the other hand, the image of a demonic Lincoln has been painted as a Rothschild corporate stooge who was fortunately killed by a patriotic assassin who had enough of his tyranny.
Matt Ehret's Insights 4 likes 30 Jul 22
Despite the many opportunities for positive systemic changes now available to humanity, the forces steering the trans Atlantic cage of nations has demonstrated that it is intent on total control even at the risk of sparking a thermonuclear war. If only Russia, China and other nations would simply submit to a new Transhumanist god the way so many golden collar elites at Davos have learned to do, then the culling of the human herd could be so much gradual. But sadly for those unipolarists managing the western Titanic, the leading patriots of the multipolar alliance have other ideas, making the threat of yet another “Pearl Harbor moment” increase by the day. Nancy Pelosi’s insane planned departure to Taiwan reflects just one of many such spark plugs that could unleash this unstoppable process if not nipped in the bud soon.
Matt Ehret's Insights 3 likes 09 Aug 22
Last week, renowned journalist and historian Martin Sieff delivered an RTF lecture on Jabotinsky: Fake Zionism, Fake Arabism in the Middle East 1911-1958. This evening at 7pm Eastern Time, Martin will deliver a continuation of that story with a sequel titled ‘Churchill’s Puppets in the Middle East: The Hashemite Dynasty and Chaim Weizmann in Israel.’
Matt Ehret's Insights 2 likes 31 Jul 22
Today’s scheduled RTF lecture will unfortunately be postponed due to a nasty flu that struck our speaker. We will be back on track next week with Sean Stone’s presentation on “The Power of Creativity” at 2pm Eastern Time. Cynthia did write an excellent essay featuring the thesis of her class this week
Matt Ehret's Insights 1 likes 27 Jul 22
Tonight at 8pm ET, we will continue our exploration into the principles of American System economics with a reading of Henry C Carey's 19th century essay "On Money". This will follow last week's reading of Lincoln's 1858 Discoveries and Inventions speech and Carey's Harmony of Interests.