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Bulwark+ 7350 implied HN points 30 Jan 24
  1. Some within the MAGA movement believe in conspiracies involving Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl, alleging fixed events to push a political agenda.
  2. MAGA supporters express strong negative feelings towards Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, criticizing their endorsements and public displays of affection.
  3. There are concerns within the MAGA community about Taylor Swift's potential influence in the 2024 election, stemming from her past political actions and large social media following.
Freddie deBoer 7081 implied HN points 29 Jan 24
  1. Dr. Peter Breggin is a prominent figure in the modern anti-psychiatry movement, influencing American understanding of psychology with his opinions and academic background.
  2. Anti-psychiatry spans political spectrums and has gained notable influence in popular culture, intersecting with holistic medicine and alternative health viewpoints.
  3. Breggin, while respected in some mainstream circles, holds extreme views like being an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist, casting doubt on the safety and efficacy of psychiatric medications.
Welcome to Absurdistan 5876 implied HN points 15 Jan 24
  1. Child trafficking and sexual abuse are pervasive issues in Hollywood, involving influential figures and leading to severe emotional trauma for victims.
  2. Yachting is a common practice for young movie stars to make money, involving interactions with wealthy individuals for financial gain.
  3. Media and entertainment industries may be contributing to a culture of fear and exploitation through violent content and dark themes, potentially impacting viewers negatively.
Emerald Robinson’s The Right Way 4559 implied HN points 24 Jan 24
  1. Bill Gates revealed plans for global tracking tattoos with micro-needle patches at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
  2. Four years after initial reports, Bill Gates confirmed development of a digital ID system using vaccines.
  3. Support for independent and fearless journalists is crucial in facing legal battles and silencing tactics.
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Singal-Minded 1950 implied HN points 22 Feb 24
  1. Bret Weinstein has been promoting conspiracy theories and fringe beliefs, misleading his audience and spreading misinformation.
  2. Weinstein irresponsibly suggested a link between Kary Mullis's death, Anthony Fauci criticism, and Covid policies, without evidence.
  3. Weinstein tends to make inflammatory insinuations and vague claims, aiming to appeal to conspiracy-minded individuals and fuel their fears.
The Freedom Corner with PeterSweden 3812 implied HN points 24 Jan 24
  1. The WHO pandemic treaty is at risk of failing due to misinformation and conspiracy theories.
  2. The treaty would grant the WHO significant powers during a new pandemic, like implementing lockdowns and quarantines.
  3. Some countries, like Slovakia and New Zealand, are hesitant to sign the treaty to protect their national decision-making.
2nd Smartest Guy in the World 4284 implied HN points 17 Jan 24
  1. Rand Paul believes Fauci should be in prison for misleading the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Paul accuses Fauci of contributing to the deaths of millions through his decisions on gain-of-function research.
  3. Fauci faces scrutiny for his handling of the COVID-19 outbreak and conflicting testimonies, suggesting dishonesty.
Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends 678 implied HN points 16 Mar 24
  1. The problematic image issue involving Kate Middleton was due to a botched Photoshop job using multiple takes of the same photo.
  2. Many people overvalue their ability to discern truth from misinformation, contributing to the spread of conspiracy theories online.
  3. Reports have highlighted disturbing cases of children being coerced into self-harm by predatory online groups, raising concerns about online safety.
Caitlin’s Newsletter 1909 implied HN points 16 Feb 24
  1. Creating a real antisemitism crisis involves committing evil acts under a Jewish flag and linking them to the Jewish people and faith.
  2. Promoting antisemitism requires desensitizing people to warning signs, dehumanizing Jewish individuals, and reinforcing conspiracy theories.
  3. To exacerbate antisemitism, one must incite hatred towards Jews, use it to justify further atrocities, and establish a cycle of violence and hatred.
Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends 618 implied HN points 14 Mar 24
  1. Mainstreaming of trafficking myths linked to QAnon by concerned moms has increased during the pandemic
  2. Misinformation about trafficking and its portrayal in online narratives can be harmful and misdirect resources
  3. Trafficking victims are often marginalized or vulnerable, and trafficking is not limited to just sex trafficking
Slow Boring 1690 implied HN points 02 Feb 24
  1. The post discusses right-wing conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift, but does not endorse them.
  2. There's an observation that Taylor Swift's song 'Karma' may contain elements from an older song, 'Music is My Hot Hot Sex' by CSS.
  3. The post highlights positive news stories like Medicaid expansion, newborn great white sharks, and successful transit projects.
Emerald Robinson’s The Right Way 4127 implied HN points 04 Dec 23
  1. Liberal journalists have released new allegations regarding the origins of the censorship-industrial complex.
  2. Olivia Troye was involved in debunking the whistleblower's story about U.S. government censorship.
  3. Troye was fired from the Trump Administration and is considered a 'useful idiot' of the national security state.
The Intrinsic Perspective 18042 implied HN points 09 Jun 23
  1. Conspiracy theories thrive in today's society due to declining trust in traditional institutions.
  2. Journalists promoting fake conspiracy theories for clicks diminishes overall skepticism and credibility.
  3. The UFO craze is influenced by government funding, key figures like Harry Reid, and media sensationalism, rather than substantial evidence.
Alexander News Network -Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's substack 1002 implied HN points 11 Feb 24
  1. There are different opinions on public figures like Robert Kennedy Jr., with some believing he aims for truth and honesty while facing limitations, and others being skeptical of his intentions
  2. Dr. Paul Alexander expresses frustration when individuals are not allowed to speak freely, implying constraints faced by those in the public eye can hinder honest communication
  3. The importance of questioning scientific research and remaining vigilant about potential falsifications, as raised by Sage Hana in their post
donaldjeffries 1572 implied HN points 14 Jan 24
  1. There are allegations of a secret tunnel under a synagogue in New York, sparking conspiracy theories and concerns about child abuse.
  2. The discovery of the tunnels has led to speculation and questions about what was happening down there, including the presence of high chairs and stained mattresses.
  3. The reactions to the tunnel discovery raise issues about religious privilege and how different scenarios involving different religious groups might be perceived and treated by the public and media.
Alexander News Network -Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's substack 766 implied HN points 11 Feb 24
  1. Moderna is planning a new COVID campaign starting in April 2025, with employees asked to donate blood for experiments and given $75 gift cards in exchange.
  2. Both Pfizer and Moderna are facing challenges in their COVID vaccine sales, with Moderna expecting a low point in sales in 2024.
  3. Speculations suggest that Moderna's production might increase in 2025 due to potential election-related narratives, shutdown possibilities for Pfizer, and government planning around COVID variants and public fear.
Contemplations on the Tree of Woe 1425 implied HN points 10 Jan 24
  1. The term 'conspiracy theory' was created to mock critics of the Warren Commission's report on JFK's assassination.
  2. There is a divide between conspiracy theorists who see hidden cabalistic actions in major events and normies who believe in coincidences.
  3. Conspiracy theorists face the challenge of choosing which theories to believe and often entertain contradictory ideas.
Secretum Secretorum 454 implied HN points 21 Feb 24
  1. Beautiful video pairings like "Wings of Desire" with Linda Perhacs' song; "Breathless" with "Time Moves Slow" by BADBADNOTGOOD evoke haunting beauty.
  2. The origin of "tree hugger" is surprisingly hardcore, stemming from the Khejarli massacre in 1730, where villagers protected sacred trees at all costs.
  3. Discover the word of the day - "Cacoethes" - an irresistible urge to do something inadvisable, along with an intriguing quote about presuming improvement.
Public 407 implied HN points 22 Feb 24
  1. Media and Democratic politicians are pushing theories of Russian interference in US elections without substantial evidence.
  2. Allegations linking Russian government to disinformation and election interference lack concrete proof.
  3. There is growing concern about the FBI's involvement in spreading false information and disinformation to discredit certain groups.
thestoa 589 implied HN points 03 Feb 24
  1. Psyops are techniques used to influence minds with varying degrees of transparency and deception.
  2. In today's world, psychological manipulation is pervasive, and being aware of it is crucial to personal sovereignty.
  3. Engaging in philosophical inquiry can help individuals become less susceptible to psyops and actively construct their reality.
ᴋʟᴀᵾs 569 implied HN points 30 Jan 24
  1. Real skeptics should establish credibility and motives in debates for educated decisions.
  2. Watch out for biased information and covert manipulation in online platforms and communities.
  3. Question the motivations and connections of individuals involved in discrediting movements like UFO disclosure.
The Free Mind 589 implied HN points 27 Jan 24
  1. Aliens are trending in the current election season, with increased interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena.
  2. The media and governments may be influencing public perception of aliens, tapping into deep-rooted fears and beliefs.
  3. Our fascination with aliens could reflect societal anxieties and the inner darkness that emerges during times of revolution and chaos.
eugyppius: a plague chronicle 177 implied HN points 06 Mar 24
  1. A man from Magdeburg received 217 Covid vaccine jabs over 29 months, showing that achieving high antibody levels can prevent infection, with no negative health effects reported by researchers.
  2. The man's peculiar vaccination pattern raised questions about the investigation, incomplete jab data, and the feasibility of receiving so many doses without detection.
  3. The bizarre story prompts speculation about potential conspiracy theories regarding the man's extensive vaccination history and the challenges of verifying such a unique case.
Discourse Blog 648 implied HN points 16 Jan 24
  1. RFK Jr. is criticized for defending the Kennedy administration's role in FBI surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. RFK Jr.'s comments are seen as ignorant and tone-deaf, considering the context and historical significance.
  3. Despite familial loyalty, there is value in acknowledging and admitting when family members have done wrong.
LIL Science 1277 implied HN points 03 Dec 23
  1. The concept of 'Immunity Debt' is a dangerous and misleading idea that lacks scientific evidence.
  2. Exposure to pathogens does not weaken the immune system but can lead to severe illness in immunocompromised individuals.
  3. Post-COVID-19 immune system dysfunction can have serious consequences like increased rates of cancer and autoimmune diseases.