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Noahpinion • 21647 implied HN points • 25 Jan 24
  1. China is at the peak of its relative power and effectiveness, with impressive economic and scientific achievements surpassing other major world powers at this moment.
  2. There are concerns about a slowdown in China's growth due to economic challenges and lack of focus on what the people truly want, resulting in a potential squandering of the nation's potential.
  3. China's system seems to inhibit breakthrough innovation, limit artistic and cultural influence internationally, and restrict freedom and autonomy of its people, perhaps hindering the nation's overall greatness.
2nd Smartest Guy in the World • 3950 implied HN points • 20 Jan 24
  1. The global elite at Davos aim to 'Rebuild Trust' through censorship and surveillance.
  2. Davos lacks real debate as participants are vetted for conformity to agenda narratives.
  3. Davos 2024 focused on familiar topics like climate change and stakeholder capitalism.
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COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis • 2279 implied HN points • 15 Jan 24
  1. Chinese Communist government is funding fraudulent research on mRNA cancer vaccines.
  2. New study titled 'Advances and prospects of mRNA vaccines in cancer immunotherapy' is expected to be published in March 2024.
  3. The article behind a paywall raised questions that led to an interesting investigation.
Drezner’s World • 923 implied HN points • 29 Jan 24
  1. Russia is pursuing alliances to undermine the West but the significance of their confidence is questionable.
  2. Russian proposals to undermine the Western economic order are not new and have had little impact.
  3. Despite Russia's confidence, their economy faces challenges and their confidence may not be warranted.
Points And Figures • 746 implied HN points • 11 Feb 24
  1. The Tucker Carlson interview with Putin didn't break new ground, but generated views and highlighted the power of Twitter for news.
  2. Putin's incorrect historical claims were discussed, shedding light on the importance of transparent cost/benefit analyses in foreign policy decisions.
  3. Various political dynamics and implications surrounding the Ukraine situation, including corruption, global power struggles, and potential military actions, were analyzed.
Erick Erickson's Confessions of a Political Junkie • 1002 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. Biden's administration plans to re-designate the Houthis as a terrorist organization.
  2. Chinese researchers mapped the Covid-19 virus two weeks before revealing details to the world.
  3. Pro-Palestinian activists protested at a cancer hospital in New York.
Wang Xiangwei's Thought of the Day on China • 1022 implied HN points • 14 Jan 24
  1. Taiwan's election outcome may not affect its future as much as China and the US's decisions do.
  2. Taiwan's pro-sovereignty ruling party's victory could escalate tensions between Taiwan, China, and the United States.
  3. Despite the election results, maintaining peace in cross-strait relations depends heavily on Washington and Beijing.
Persuasion • 982 implied HN points • 15 Jan 24
  1. The recent election in Taiwan reflected domestic politics more than reactions to China.
  2. Criticism of the ruling party in Taiwan focused on economic performance and frustrations with issues like low wages and housing.
  3. Despite challenges, Taiwan continues to navigate its future with democratic transitions of power.
Chartbook • 314 implied HN points • 13 Mar 24
  1. Adam Tooze's Chartbook Newsletter covers a range of topics like China's changing economy, Sudan's refugee crisis, Southern Africa's drought, and America's history crisis.
  2. Paid subscribers get access to in-depth content and analysis on important global issues.
  3. The newsletter provides great images, links, and reading recommendations for those interested in understanding complex global developments.
Sinification • 825 implied HN points • 15 Jan 24
  1. Prof. Zheng Yongnian suggests using new media platforms to influence young people in Taiwan.
  2. China's reaction to Taiwan's election results has been relatively subdued according to intellectuals.
  3. Scholars discussing cross-strait relations usually align closely with the party line.
ChinaTalk • 874 implied HN points • 08 Jan 24
  1. Corruption within the Chinese military has led to major purges, affecting Xi Jinping's military actions.
  2. Predicting Xi Jinping's actions regarding Taiwan is difficult due to his secretive nature and complex decision-making process.
  3. Taiwan needs to focus on enhancing its defense capabilities with a balance of investments in munitions, technology, and strategic planning.
Matt Ehret's Insights • 648 implied HN points • 29 Jan 24
  1. Charles de Gaulle fought against pro-NATO fascists and worked to ensure France's independence.
  2. De Gaulle recognized the importance of reaching out to Russia and China for cooperation and world development.
  3. De Gaulle's alliance with Kennedy aimed for advancements in science and technology to liberate Africa, Asia, and South America from colonial structures.
Nonzero Newsletter • 677 implied HN points • 19 Jan 24
  1. The US involvement in Yemen against the Houthis may have been based on misleading narratives.
  2. Artificial intelligence is advancing and could lead to job displacement for both low-skill and high-skill workers.
  3. China's population decline could be linked to unintended consequences of their one-child policy, affecting women's views on childbirth.
Ginger River Review • 668 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. Decision-makers in China realized the importance of not blindly following the West's financial development mode after the 2008 financial crisis.
  2. China is striving to build a strong financial sector based on a combination of economic power, key financial elements, and a focus on preventing financial risks.
  3. Chinese leaders are emphasizing a combination of rule of law and virtue, fostering a unique financial culture, and prioritizing integrity, prudence, innovation, legal compliance, and openness with financial security.
Chartbook • 400 implied HN points • 18 Feb 24
  1. China's Lunar New Year holiday saw increased travel and spending, surpassing pre-pandemic levels despite economic growth concerns.
  2. The post focuses on topics like the history of the growth paradigm, outlawing electric trikes, and the Autobiography of Red.
  3. The information shared in the post is intended for paid subscribers only.
Chartbook • 2317 implied HN points • 20 Aug 23
  1. China's economy is facing challenges due to a mix of authoritarian policies and exhausted growth models.
  2. Two main interpretations of China's economic situation are based on institutional economics and Keynesian macro perspectives.
  3. China's current crisis highlights the impact of overconfidence and policy hubris on the regime's decision-making.
ChinAI Newsletter • 589 implied HN points • 15 Jan 24
  1. One of the biggest storylines in 2023 was the grim employment outlook for China’s 11.5 million college graduates.
  2. There was interesting variation between Chinese and international large language models when summing up China’s 2023.
  3. Different large language models had varied perspectives on the hot internet events of 2023 in China.
Wang Xiangwei's Thought of the Day on China • 569 implied HN points • 14 Jan 24
  1. Taiwan's election is significant but its future is influenced by China and the US, not just the Taiwanese people.
  2. The outcome of the election may lead to challenges with the opposition party controlling the legislature.
  3. The international media may speculate, but it's ultimately up to Beijing and Washington to determine the future of Taiwan.
News Items • 491 implied HN points • 19 Jan 24
  1. Only a third of Americans are willing to accept the results of the 2024 US election regardless of the outcome.
  2. AI-powered fake-detection software struggles to keep up with improving AI technology.
  3. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is leading efforts to create artificial general intelligence (AGI).
Chartbook • 1702 implied HN points • 03 Sep 23
  1. The zero-Covid policy in China was not always about sustained repression, but involved dynamic clearing to contain outbreaks.
  2. The economic impact of China's Covid policy was influenced more by global demand and housing market than by the lockdowns.
  3. The sudden abandonment of zero-Covid in China in 2022 resulted in a significant projected death toll, showcasing the complexity and consequences of the regime's decisions.
Chartbook • 1859 implied HN points • 15 Aug 23
  1. Different interpretations exist regarding China's economic problems, with one side emphasizing authoritarian impasse and the other focusing on structural issues.
  2. The authoritarian impasse view highlights an inevitable downfall of authoritarian regimes, while the structural analysis points to socio-economic inequality as the root cause of China's economic challenges.
  3. The solutions proposed by each side differ, with one advocating for regime change and the other suggesting a shift towards a more inclusive growth model.
Chartbook • 300 implied HN points • 13 Feb 24
  1. The post discusses various topics like the first Chinese capitalists, war in Africa, BDS, and the art of doing nothing.
  2. Links, images, and readings are shared from the Chartbook Newsletter by Adam Tooze.
  3. There is also a mention of Leonora de Barros and her artwork from the Poemas series in 1979.
System Change • 491 implied HN points • 10 Jan 24
  1. The art market is experiencing deflation as buyers prioritize debt repayment over new purchases.
  2. Debt deflation and low wages worldwide are driving the fall in prices of goods, services, and assets.
  3. China's economy, as the world's second largest, plays a significant role in global deflationary pressures and may require a drastic shift in economic policy to avoid a crash.