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Bulwark+ 96 likes 08 May 22
Happy Sunday! I’m delighted to introduce my colleague, Cathy Young, who will be taking over the Sunday Morning Shots. I’ll be back tomorrow. If you’re not familiar with Cathy’s work, you really should check her out; she’s a remarkable journalist and an important thinker and I feel privileged to share this space with her.
Bulwark+ 89 likes 15 May 22
Buffalo mass shooter/Twitter screengrab On Saturday, a horrific act of terrorism was committed in Buffalo, New York. An 18-year-old gunman, Payton S. Gendron, is charged with opening fire on supermarket shoppers in a predominantly black neighborhood, killing 10 and wounding three. (All but two of the victims were black.) Gendron, who left a record of careful planning right down to outfitting himself in tactical gear and body armor, penned a “manifesto” in which he talks about white people in America being “replaced” by nonwhites.