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TSOH Investment Research Service 20 likes 22 Sep 22
“Our partners are co-creating the future with Starbucks. This is not a project in some ivory tower, it's a bottoms-up approach. It's a democratization of innovation at a company that has unique scale, engaging the people who have a unique window into America and who are most proximate to the challenges and the opportunities that the marketplace provides us…”
TSOH Investment Research Service 19 likes 26 Sep 22
Note: TSOH will be off next week. I’ll be back October 10th with the Q3 FY22 Portfolio Update. As always, feel free to contact me if you need anything. At the 2002 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger were asked how they determine the appropriate P/E multiple to pay for a stock. In their response, the men took the opportunity to discuss their history with investing in banks, along with some of the surprising results –
TSOH Investment Research Service 16 likes 06 Sep 22
In “We Went Where They Ain’t”, the Dollar General deep dive published in June 2021, I concluded with the following: “I believe Mr. Market has some doubts about Dollar General’s ability to grow beyond ~25,500 units and / or questions the sustainability of the business and its economics at maturity. I’d argue the market has held some version of this belief for much of the past five years, which is why the stock trades at a pretty large discount to retailers like Costco. Personally, I think that conclusion has been, and continues to be, too pessimistic.
TSOH Investment Research Service 10 likes 08 Sep 22
In the December 2021 write-up “Breaking The Buck”, I reviewed Dollarama’s experience in Canada with its transition to a multi-price point value retail model as a case study for Dollar Tree’s recently announced strategic shift. I concluded that post with the following: