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TSOH Investment Research Service 7 likes 20 Sep 21
In July 2018, I published “The Future of ESPN+”, an article that focused on the long-term vision for Disney’s DTC sports streaming service, which had gone live three months earlier. As noted by ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro at launch, the service marked a major strategic turning point for ESPN:
TSOH Investment Research Service 5 likes 23 Sep 21
“What we saw in the tail end of August is a little bit of a slowdown in net adds in the Cable business. In Q3, I think we'll trend in line with historical averages for Q3 net adds, but we'll be behind Q3 FY19, which was a record Q3. When you put Q2 and Q3 together this year, we expect to be about 10% better for the trailing six months versus FY19. And w…