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TSOH Investment Research Service 37 likes 09 Jan 23
“I was able to see customers' reactions to a retail company that reinvented a category. Home improvement was historically done in lumber yard type settings, small hardware stores, or a combination of both. The Home Depot really came in and reinvented the way that was done
TSOH Investment Research Service 28 likes 12 Jan 23
“We really focus on: how do we reach more fans?” - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell In March 2021, Amazon made a historic announcement: the tech giant had secured exclusive rights for Thursday Night Football (TNF), which would be distributed to tens of millions of Amazon Prime members in the U.S. through the Prime Video app (OTT). The deal,
TSOH Investment Research Service 26 likes 26 Jan 23
From “The Ultimate Tailwind”: “The ongoing strength in the Commercial businesses is being partially offset by weakness in Consumer. Most notably, Windows OEM revenues were down 15% YoY in Q1, inclusive of a five point benefit from the prior year Windows 11 accrual. Given that management expects the ‘materially weaker’ PC demand that they saw at the end of Q1 to continue into Q2, alongside much tougher comps (lapped +10% in Q1 FY22, with Q2 FY22 at +25%), Windows OEM will report some ugly Q2 numbers:
TSOH Investment Research Service 24 likes 23 Jan 23
From “This Is When It All Matters” (April 2022): “For me, a key part of any long-term investment is partnering with an honest and able management team; while this is a major bump in the road, I’m confident they’ll adjust and find a way to win in the years ahead. At the same time, I think legacy media companies will be forced to navigate these same challenges, with the kicker that they’ll be doing so from a much weaker position given a lack of global scale. (And as discussed earlier, that conclusion may sow the seeds for inorganic opportunities as well.) At ~$216 per share, Netflix has a market cap of ~$98 billion. With run rate revenues of ~$32 billion and ~20% operating margins, the stock trades at ~15x EBIT. When viewed in the context of (what I continue to believe is) a massive long-term global opportunity, in combination with my belief that management will effectively navigate through this environment, I’m personally of the opinion that the current valuation is very attractive.
TSOH Investment Research Service 15 likes 30 Jan 23
From “Past The Peak” (speaking about Ally’s auto loan book): “Is that sufficiently conservative? As always, it’s very difficult to say with anything close to certainty. Personally, as discussed in the deep dive, I take comfort in how this asset class performed during other difficult periods… That said, the world changes and this time may be different (for example, Ally’s shift to slightly higher risk content in auto). I think that concern may be overstated (properly accounted for in reserves), but time will tell whether I’m mistaken.”