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13994 implied HN points 07 Feb 24
  1. Taylor Swift's influence permeates global culture, politics, and media
  2. Writers on Substack provide original, insightful, and sometimes humorous analyses on Taylor Swift's impact
  3. Taylor Swift's actions, endorsements, and mere existence provoke strong reactions and shape narratives in various spheres
16116 implied HN points 20 Jan 24
  1. Frequent-flier point programs were initially designed for occasional free flights, but evolved into turbo-charged schemes for travelers to earn points quickly.
  2. Weighing ingredients in cooking can make a big difference in recipes, especially in baked goods, where even small variations can impact the final texture and taste.
  3. During winter, composting slows down as decomposition rates decrease, signalling a time for compost piles to rest and wait for the warmer season for active decomposition.
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4894 implied HN points 10 Feb 24
  1. Nominees with great performances in multiple roles can lead to extra praise, known as the double exposure effect.
  2. Mustard packaging has a rich history dating back centuries, with brands like Grey Poupon and Maille showcasing timeless design.
  3. Neptune's true color is not actually blue as previously thought, but a milky, unmemorable interstellar cataract, challenging our perceptions.
38031 implied HN points 07 Jun 23
  1. Substack is introducing a new email digest called Your Weekly Stack to help readers discover new stories and writers on the platform.
  2. Your Weekly Stack will be sent every Wednesday, providing a roundup of curated posts for subscribers.
  3. Readers can provide feedback on Your Weekly Stack and opt out at any time if they do not find it suitable.
19320 implied HN points 01 Jun 23
  1. Substack provides a platform for academics to share their ideas more freely and immediately with a wider audience than traditional academic journals.
  2. Substack allows scholars to earn revenue from their publications and engage with readers in a more personal and direct manner.
  3. It offers a space for academics to innovate, challenge traditional academic norms, and explore intellectual contributions outside the constraints of conventional academia.
10220 implied HN points 31 Jul 23
  1. Scholars on Substack are reaching new audiences and earning income for their research and writing.
  2. Substack provides academics like Ruth Ben-Ghiat with financial freedom to pursue public-interfacing research.
  3. Academic writers use Substack for engaging with readers, testing new ideas, and shaping their research through feedback.
10456 implied HN points 28 Apr 23
  1. A Substack can be a powerful tool for writers to engage with readers and promote their books.
  2. Substack allows for direct connection with committed readers and can significantly impact book sales.
  3. Starting a Substack can help writers build a community, get feedback, and continue engaging with readers even after the publication of a book.
8294 implied HN points 15 Apr 23
  1. Beatrix Potter's fascination with mushrooms led to groundbreaking scientific discoveries.
  2. The relationship between European countries and their food reputation is complex and tied to historical influences.
  3. Poetry can be deeply inspired by personal stories and historical events, leading to powerful expressions of emotions and experiences.