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The Wolf of Harcourt Street 393 implied HN points 01 Feb 24
  1. The newsletter discusses investing in NU Holdings as a new position due to its growth potential in Latin America.
  2. The author shares insights on adding to their Auto Partner position, seizing an opportunity when the stock price dropped.
  3. The author presents a buy list, highlighting Evolution and NU as stocks to watch and potentially add to the portfolio.
Market Sentiment 923 implied HN points 16 Jul 23
  1. Steve Edmundson's successful investment strategy was to do as little as possible, keeping costs low and not trying to beat the market.
  2. Investing doesn't have to be complicated - simple portfolios like the 60/40, Cockroach, and 3-Fund portfolios can be the foundation for long-term success.
  3. Ray Dalio's All Weather Portfolio aims to perform well over time without predictions, with an asset allocation of 55% bonds, 30% stocks, and 15% commodities.
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Market Sentiment 432 implied HN points 02 Apr 23
  1. Leverage in bond investments can work well but also lead to significant losses if market conditions change rapidly.
  2. Bond prices are impacted by interest rate movements, where older bonds may lose value with rate hikes.
  3. The choice between individual bonds and bond ETFs depends on factors like diversification needs, fees, and level of investment sophistication.
Klement on Investing 2 implied HN points 28 Feb 24
  1. Stocks are riskier in the long term than many investors believe, with fluctuating equity risk premiums influenced by economic drivers like interest rates and growth.
  2. Using longer historical data to predict equity risk premiums may not work, investors need to analyze the historical track record based on the current market regime.
  3. The correlation between stocks and bonds has varied over time, influenced by factors like inflation, interest rates, and economic growth, impacting the diversification benefits of stock/bond portfolios.
Spilled Coffee 0 implied HN points 24 Jun 23
  1. Major U.S. stock indices experienced a recent downturn after a strong upward trend earlier in the year.
  2. Technology stocks are showing a strong performance in 2023, potentially leading to profit-taking by investors.
  3. Different experts have conflicting views on the market's direction, with some predicting continued bear market while others are bullish on a new bull market.