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Asian Century Stocks 2 likes 19 Sep 21
Ultrajaya Milk (ULTJ IJ) is the leading dairy company in Indonesia. Its most popular product “Ultra Milk” has a market share of roughly 40% and dominates the mass market. The company focuses on “UHT milk”. Such milk has been treated with ultra-high temperatures and stored in aseptic packaging, giving it a shelf life of 6-9 months at normal room temperatures. This makes UHT milk highly convenient. Especially in Indonesia given that the climate is tropical and the cold chain infrastructure is undeveloped.
Asian Century Stocks 1 likes 20 Sep 21
Asia is catching up in vaccinations: Japan’s vaccination rate has overtaken that of the United States. South Korea is not far behind. Thailand re-opening: Thailand is re-opening to foreign tourists. It will scrap quarantine requirements for all pilot areas this year