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Channels of Growth is a Substack focused on growth marketing strategies and frameworks, sharing insights into effective learning, startup evaluation, sales, and marketing budgeting, brand building without significant investment, utilizing community and conference marketing, lowering customer acquisition costs, sales team structuring, content marketing, and the impact of AI on SEO.

Growth Marketing Strategies Startup Evaluation Sales & Marketing Budgeting Brand Building Community Marketing Conference Marketing Customer Acquisition Cost Sales Team Structure Content Marketing AI Impact on SEO

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687 implied HN points 19 Jan 24
  1. The book 'Channels of Growth' focuses on a Growth Marketing Framework for dominating channels and building better products.
  2. All users come from channels when it comes to growth, emphasizing the importance of understanding and optimizing these channels.
  3. The book aims to provide a personal Growth Marketing framework based on lessons from over $100M+ spent on growing products.
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216 implied HN points 05 Feb 23
  1. Reducing Customer Acquisition Costs is a priority for many growth leaders.
  2. Consider creating products that drive users towards your core product to reduce CAC.
  3. Focus on building profitable owned products in addition to owned channels for better growth results.
176 implied HN points 06 May 23
  1. Geography-based sales teams can be beneficial for localized operations and building relationships with local partners.
  2. Sales Development Reps and Account Managers are essential for high-ticket value deals acquired through cold outreach channels.
  3. Inbound sales teams focus on converting inbound leads efficiently and maximizing the conversion rate of leads.