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The Message Box 177 likes 22 Jul 22
Good morning. One programming note: Message Box will be off next week, which almost certainly means Trump will either announce for President, get arrested, or both. Anyway, what questions can I answer about last night’s hearing, the possible vote on marriage equality, or anything else?
The Message Box 29 likes 12 Aug 22
Welcome to this week’s edition of Stuff You Should Consume - a weekly email for Message Box subscribers with a selection of important articles, columns, podcasts and videos about politics. "The Republican response to the Mar-a-Lago raid should scare you”
The Message Box 10 likes 20 Jul 22
Welcome to this week’s edition of “Stuff You Should Consume.” “I Work for Midwestern Democrats, and I Know How to Win Back Voters From the G.O.P,” by Brian Stryker, New York Times Democrats can focus on three things. First, we need to talk about the work we’ve done to rebuild America — for example, through the infrastructure bill, which has engaged constr…