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TK News by Matt Taibbi • 9455 implied HN points • 26 Feb 24
  1. Nikki Haley faced a significant primary loss in her own state despite being a prominent political figure.
  2. The contrast in support between Republican voters with college degrees and those without degrees was drastic.
  3. The media coverage of Haley's loss included excuses and attempts to soften the impact for affluent audiences.
Bulwark+ • 6584 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. Iowa caucuses confirmed Trump's dominance in the GOP but also showed his vulnerability in the general election.
  2. Low turnout in Iowa suggests an enthusiasm problem among GOP voters and a significant portion signaling they are Never Trump.
  3. Trump's active legal battles and courtroom campaign strategy may rally his base but could risk alienating swing voters in the general election.
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Common Sense with Bari Weiss • 4771 implied HN points • 19 Jan 24
  1. Trump's victory in Iowa solidifies his frontrunner status for the Republican nomination and next presidency.
  2. Media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are choosing not to air Trump speeches, leading to speculation about their declining relevance.
  3. The Biden administration has classified the Houthis as terrorists, given their violent actions in the Red Sea.
TK News by Matt Taibbi • 22417 implied HN points • 13 Apr 23
  1. The project to uncover Twitter Files revealed a complex and organized system of content policing involving various government agencies and tech platforms.
  2. Suspension of journalist accounts for sharing information about Elon Musk's private jet highlighted the tensions between free speech and censorship.
  3. Elon Musk's involvement in the transparency of Twitter was met with conflicting reactions, ultimately leading to unexpected clashes with platforms like Substack.
Breaking the News • 474 implied HN points • 08 Mar 24
  1. The press has been portraying both Biden and Trump as losers, but one of them will win the election based on various factors like support, achievements, and obstacles.
  2. Mainstream press coverage and expert 'framing' could influence voter perception of candidates, but election outcomes are more likely determined by fundamental factors like party unity and public priorities.
  3. The question of the Supreme Court's limits and potential consequences of it going too far is a matter for paid subscribers to explore in the context of the upcoming election.
Public • 464 implied HN points • 24 Feb 24
  1. Recent whistleblower testimony reveals investors from China, Mexico, and Kazakhstan buying political influence with President Joe Biden through his family, centering on control over U.S. oil and gas.
  2. Republicans are facing challenges in their impeachment probe of President Biden, with reliance on questionable witnesses such as incarcerated individuals like Jason Galanis and Alexander Smirnov, who have provided inconsistent information.
  3. Hunter Biden's involvement in business dealings with Chinese companies, linked to his family connections, has raised concerns about influence peddling and the use of his family name for financial gain.
Logging the World • 1734 implied HN points • 01 Nov 23
  1. The recent inquiry involving Dominic Cummings felt like a repeat of past events, with little new information emerging.
  2. The popular narrative about Cummings' role in the COVID response may not align with the evidence, suggesting he was supportive of strict measures.
  3. The discussion around the COVID response should focus on the systemic failures and critical decisions made, rather than getting lost in political dramas and minor details.
Raheem Kassam's Substack • 5680 implied HN points • 17 Feb 23
  1. Employees at Dominion Voting Systems admitted their products had critical bugs.
  2. Fox News is being sued by Dominion for $1.6bn over false reporting.
  3. Dominion's Director of Product Strategy acknowledged multiple issues with their products.
Proof • 89 implied HN points • 10 Mar 24
  1. Media is being criticized for ignoring a national security crisis involving Trump and Kremlin allies, focusing instead on a bond proposal and remaining silent about the Greenberg Family.
  2. Experts warned major media about the implications of Trump's bond proposal, suggesting potential national security risks and implications of Trump being influenced by the Kremlin.
  3. Major media's negligence in addressing the warnings and implications surrounding Trump's bond proposal and its ties to the Greenberg Family is highlighted, with a focus on the potential ramifications of Trump's actions.
Séamus Malekafzali • 1474 implied HN points • 07 Oct 23
  1. Hamas broke through the border wall and took control of Israeli settlements in an unprecedented operation.
  2. The Israeli occupation of Palestine has led to years of displacement, blockades, and violence.
  3. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is deeply intertwined, with Palestinians facing restrictions and living conditions reminiscent of an open-air prison.
The Future, Now and Then • 95 implied HN points • 08 Mar 24
  1. Biden's State of the Union speech signaled his reelection message and the upcoming Presidential race is expected to be extremely close.
  2. Biden effectively contrasted his record with Trump's, using past actions to his advantage.
  3. Media coverage may continue to focus on Biden's age, but the expectations set for him allow him to surpass them, while Trump's campaign quality may work to Biden's benefit due to Trump's past incompetence.
steveinskeep • 314 implied HN points • 24 Jan 24
  1. Haley may benefit from staying in the race, as challengers can gain attention and build support for future endeavors.
  2. It's crucial to accurately cover politicians, like Trump, by representing their words and tone fairly to provide proper context and understanding.
  3. Journalists should aim to portray politicians, such as Trump, accurately by showcasing their speaking style and overall themes in reporting.
NN Journal • 235 implied HN points • 31 Jan 24
  1. Northamptonshire chief constable facing disciplinary hearing due to alleged misrepresentation of military career
  2. Police watchdog recommending an accelerated gross misconduct hearing for Nick Adderley
  3. Independent panel will be convened to consider the allegations against the suspended chief constable
Breaking the News • 1603 implied HN points • 29 Jul 23
  1. James Fallows prefers not to sign up with Threads due to reasons like ownership concerns, user interface preferences, and lack of critical mass in comparison to other platforms.
  2. James Fallows prefers not to write further about the 'Lab Leak', citing coverage by David Quammen in the New York Times Magazine on Covid's origin mysteries and the importance of the origin question.
  3. James Fallows prefers not to write about where the economy is headed or media coverage related to the economy at this time.
The Signorile Report • 1041 implied HN points • 12 Sep 23
  1. The sexual orientation of GOP presidential candidate Tim Scott has become a subject of interest due to his bachelor status and public image as an anti-LGBTQ crusader.
  2. There are conflicting reports and speculations about Tim Scott's personal life, with suggestions that a staged relationship may be part of a political strategy.
  3. Historically, closeted individuals in various circles tend to know or be aware of each other, which adds a layer of complexity to understanding public figures' sexual orientations.
The Green Fix • 196 implied HN points • 24 Jan 24
  1. Media should connect climate news to different sectors like business and politics
  2. Capitalism plays a big role in the climate crisis and needs more media attention
  3. Media should spotlight the disproportionate impact of the climate crisis on the Global South and follow the money behind climate decisions
eugyppius: a plague chronicle • 207 implied HN points • 16 Jan 24
  1. Leaders of the German Farmers' Protest are working against their own movement by focusing on narrow issues like diesel taxes
  2. Farmers need to broaden their focus and aim for wider political change to succeed
  3. The current leadership of the farmers' movement is compromised and farmers may need to work independently for real change