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After Babel • 1147 implied HN points • 12 Mar 24
  1. Summer camps provide a tech-free environment where children interact face-to-face, fostering strong bonds and a sense of community.
  2. Camp activities are novel and fun, encouraging children to embrace challenges and step out of their comfort zones.
  3. Camp counselors act as positive role models, encouraging campers to try new things and showcasing a life without constant connection to devices.
Day One • 559 implied HN points • 06 Apr 24
  1. Attract customers/clients before creating a product/service - build an audience first based on what interests them
  2. Community-driven model involves letting the community guide content creation and product development
  3. Engage with others in your niche, teach as you learn, and listen to community problems to build a successful community
Welcome to Garbagetown • 2574 implied HN points • 04 Jan 24
  1. Acknowledgement of issues with Substack's management of diverse opinions and policies on monetization
  2. The dilemma of deciding whether to stay on Substack despite hosting problematic content or to leave and potentially lose audience
  3. Concern about the online space being dominated by harmful voices if good actors continually leave platforms hosting problematic content
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Subconscious • 829 implied HN points • 26 Feb 24
  1. Create good problems to have after the flywheel is already spinning, during rapid growth, which motivates the ecosystem to solve problems.
  2. Avoid building perfect technology as it leads to front-loading work, needing an ecosystem flywheel, and inability to anticipate scale problems.
  3. Creating good problems to have encourages co-evolution with the community and provides opportunities for others to contribute.
SeattleDataGuy’s Newsletter • 1165 implied HN points • 02 Jan 24
  1. Breaking into data engineering may be easier through lateral moves, like from data analyst to data engineer.
  2. The 100-day plan discussed is not meant to master data engineering but to help commit to learning and identify areas for improvement.
  3. The plan includes reviewing basics, diving deeper, building a mini project, surveying tools, best practices, and committing to a final project.
Day One • 479 implied HN points • 17 Feb 24
  1. Choose a platform that fits your content format and engage with your community to build a loyal following.
  2. Creating products/services should revolve around solving your community's problems, listen to their struggles and offer solutions.
  3. Consistently create quality content, engage with others, and focus on helping people to build a successful online brand.
The Recovering Academic • 970 implied HN points • 29 Dec 23
  1. The author shares their journey of leaving academia and dealing with grief, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and community in the recovery process.
  2. The plan for 2024 includes more thought pieces on higher education, collaboration to build community, original memoir and poetry sharing, and interviews to explore interesting life stories.
  3. Despite challenges, the author looks forward with anticipation, focusing on personal growth, gardening, and embracing individuality in their writing journey.
The Lunduke Journal of Technology • 4591 implied HN points • 09 May 23
  1. The Lunduke Journal is moving exclusively to Locals for a better user experience and to consolidate their content in one place.
  2. Locals offers unique features like community discussions, live video streaming, and an events calendar for subscribers.
  3. Subscribers transitioning from Substack to Locals can easily create accounts and access all content from The Lunduke Journal.
The Art of Enchantment, with Dr Sharon Blackie • 1996 implied HN points • 01 Oct 23
  1. The Hagitude program is now available as a self-study, on-demand course after the live yearlong membership program ended.
  2. The program focuses on navigation through menopause, understanding elder women in myth, embracing one's Inner Hag, and passing down wisdom to benefit the Earth community.
  3. The self-study program includes extensive resources like module workbooks, webinar recordings, guest teacher workshops, creative writing prompts, and dreamwork sessions.
SeattleDataGuy’s Newsletter • 871 implied HN points • 26 Dec 23
  1. Seattle Data Guy's work in 2023 involved filming videos, virtual conferences, and writing articles and newsletters.
  2. Client trends in 2023 showed shifts towards greenfield projects, solution design, marketing, and education.
  3. Popular articles in 2023 covered topics like data modeling, breaking out of tutorial hell, and essential templates for data analytics.
Justin E. H. Smith's Hinternet • 794 implied HN points • 18 Dec 23
  1. The author will be moving to a paid subscription model in 2024 to maintain quality content.
  2. The author expresses concerns about the direction Substack is taking, especially with a focus on non-fiction over fiction.
  3. 2023 was a year of significant personal developments for the author, including finding faith, appreciating art, and changing his name.
Natto Thoughts • 79 implied HN points • 10 Apr 24
  1. Intrusion Truth has a track record of correctly identifying Chinese threat actors tied to APT groups, leading to US DoJ indictments.
  2. Their success stems from starting investigations by leveraging report findings, receiving tips, and exploring science and technology companies in specific regions.
  3. Intrusion Truth's methods showcase the value of outdated research, the importance of community collaboration for threat hunting, and the need for deep understanding of the threat environment.
Vittles • 310 implied HN points • 22 Jan 24
  1. Food is often used as a tool of control by employers of live-in nannies and domestic workers.
  2. The family worker exemption policy excludes live-in childcare workers from UK employment rights, leading to exploitative conditions.
  3. Eating restrictions and limitations imposed on nannies and au pairs in their workplace can lead to feelings of shame, isolation, and mistreatment.
Letters from Fiddler's Greene • 609 implied HN points • 05 Nov 23
  1. Telling stories with no clear resolution can keep an audience engaged, even if it lacks a traditional ending.
  2. Modern media often presents entertaining narratives that ultimately unravel, leading to self-referential gibberish and a lack of satisfying conclusions.
  3. Nostalgia for a past era, like the 1990s, is often rooted in a desire for the hope, community, and optimism that characterized that time.
The New Urban Order • 119 implied HN points • 22 Feb 24
  1. Growing up in Memphis, Carol Coletta's love for urban environments and interaction with diverse communities sparked her interest in city development.
  2. Leadership in city initiatives can come from unexpected places, showing the importance of finding and fostering leadership across different sectors.
  3. The impact of public spaces like parks goes beyond recreation, serving as a crucial platform to promote social connection, equity, and community building.
Boundless by Paul Millerd • 194 implied HN points • 06 Jan 24
  1. 2023 was a year of new beginnings with the author becoming a dad and experiencing financial success through book sales.
  2. The joy of parenting and the challenges it brings highlighted the importance of staying present and enjoying family moments.
  3. Balancing work and personal life, finding time for self-care, and reflecting on unexpected successes were key themes for the author in 2023.
techandsocialcohesion • 1 HN point • 21 May 24
  1. Building platforms for civil discourse online is challenging due to the nature of public information spreading too quickly.
  2. Creating pro-social platforms requires finding existing behaviors that are great and painful enough to justify widespread adoption of a new app.
  3. Facilitating smaller and private conversations online tends to lead to more civilized discussions compared to public platforms like Twitter.
Sunshine and Seedlings: A Newsletter by HydroponicTrash • 609 implied HN points • 04 Aug 23
  1. Decouple from the capitalist system by creating alternative systems like free housing collectives and community land trusts.
  2. Build federated ecovillages and interconnected communities to share resources, knowledge, and create a cooperative network.
  3. Use modern technologies and community databases to work towards a modern Cybersyn system for fair distribution of resources and fostering collective autonomy.
The Art of Enchantment, with Dr Sharon Blackie • 938 implied HN points • 29 Oct 22
  1. The author discusses the significance of deepening and discovering oneself during the dark winter months, drawing parallels to seeds growing underground.
  2. The author shares exciting news about being awarded the Roger Deakin Award for her upcoming book on motherhood and nature, highlighting the impact of maternal influence on belonging.
  3. The author presents opportunities for engaging in conversations around women's experiences in the second half of life through podcasts, memberships, and art, encouraging exploration and connection.
Reboot • 24 implied HN points • 09 Mar 24
  1. Early online communities like Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) fostered local connections and community building through text-based websites and local forums.
  2. Platforms like Yelp and Google Maps have shifted the focus from local community engagement to commercialized consumption, impacting the way we interact with and perceive our cities.
  3. Creating and sustaining place-based digital networks presents challenges, but initiatives like DIY internet radio stations showcase the potential for online communities to embrace local culture and connection.
Do Not Research • 179 implied HN points • 11 Sep 23
  1. Checkpoints on YouTube started as a digital behavior in the comment section, reflecting user openness and vulnerability.
  2. YouTube comments section acts as a digital 'third place,' where users share semi-anonymously, similar to ancient city walls used for writing.
  3. Checkpoint stories highlight the importance of considering the fragility of digital infrastructures and the need for community memory preservation.
America 2.0 (by Gary Sheng) • 275 implied HN points • 16 Mar 23
  1. In-Betweeners are essential public servants who connect different organizations and fill gaps in service.
  2. In-Betweeners are undervalued and struggle financially due to their unique and often unrecognized contributions.
  3. Funding In-Betweeners can lead to more efficient allocation of resources, drive innovation, and benefit society as a whole.
New_ Public • 196 implied HN points • 23 Jul 23
  1. The Community Stewards Guild aims to build healthy digital public spaces with the help of community leaders.
  2. The Guild is focused on equitable design, historic expertise, resource-building, and creating a network of community stewards.
  3. Meet the inaugural class of Community Stewards and learn about their commitment to community building.
Quantum Formalism • 39 implied HN points • 20 Jan 24
  1. QF Cities is an initiative by Quantum Formalism to create local hubs for learning math and quantum information science.
  2. They are looking for volunteers to run QF programs in their cities and require proof of at least ten participants to request sponsorship.
  3. The timelines for the QF Cities program include an application deadline of March 22 and a kickstart date of June 21.
America 2.0 (by Gary Sheng) • 216 implied HN points • 07 Jun 23
  1. Responsiveness is crucial for successful leadership in various fields like product development, community building, and politics.
  2. Being hyper-responsive fosters trust, builds brand loyalty, and enhances products or services.
  3. Maintaining a high level of responsiveness can differentiate you, attract allies, and lead to collaborations and growth.
Late Checkout - a Substack by Greg Isenberg • 171 implied HN points • 22 Jun 23
  1. Shift from the 'go big or go home' mentality to embracing multi-entrepreneurship.
  2. Multipreneurs create multiple products annually to establish a network of interconnected companies.
  3. Success as a multipreneur involves building small, dedicated teams for each venture and leveraging global talent and technology.
Creative Destruction • 36 implied HN points • 03 Jan 24
  1. The newsletter saw significant growth in subscribers and views in 2023, reaching around 2,360 subscribers and 12,000 views per month on average.
  2. Top posts of 2023 focused on reframing productivity, promoting climate action, and transforming worldviews.
  3. Plans for 2024 include focusing on audience growth, establishing clear branding around the concept of reframing, and aiming to make the newsletter financially viable.
Nonlinear • 176 implied HN points • 24 Mar 23
  1. Immigrant parents faced significant hardships and challenges to establish their lives in a new country.
  2. EchoShadow was an online community that provided support and connection for parents, fostering deep relationships and meaningful projects.
  3. The impact of EchoShadow extended to the next generation, shaping the lives and connections of Echo babies who grew up within the community.