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Big Technology 3878 implied HN points 02 Feb 24
  1. Big Tech companies are experiencing a mix of record revenue and deep layoffs as they navigate the costs of developing new technologies like AI and mixed reality.
  2. Apple may face challenges with the Vision Pro as it might not reach mass-market success until 2030 or beyond, despite initial hype.
  3. Google is acknowledging the need to address its slow-moving culture by simplifying its organizational structure and removing layers to improve efficiency.
Read Max 2377 implied HN points 06 Oct 23
  1. Elon Musk may be making decisions for Twitter based on private-equity strategies to grow revenue and margins quickly.
  2. Product changes on Twitter, like removing headlines, may be aimed at increasing metrics to attract advertisers rather than harming journalism intentionally.
  3. Many negative changes on Twitter may be due to structural power dynamics and financial pressures rather than Elon Musk's personal ideology.
!important 87 implied HN points 12 Feb 24
  1. Extensions struggle with visibility in the large Chrome Web Store catalog, especially new ones without reviews or users
  2. ExBoost is a community-driven solution that lets extensions promote each other for free through banners
  3. ExBoost balances traffic across extensions, allowing them to gain visibility by showing banners inside other extensions
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Making Connections by Jax 137 implied HN points 12 Jun 23
  1. Marketing attribution is becoming more challenging due to privacy regulations like Apple's App Tracking Transparency.
  2. Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) provides a top-down approach to understanding ROI by analyzing historical data and external influences.
  3. Lift tests offer a bottom-up method to prove causation in marketing effectiveness, requiring experimentation with test and control groups.
Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends 0 implied HN points 26 May 16
  1. Does Siri believe in God? AI advances could lead to software grappling with faith in the future, raising intriguing questions.
  2. Modern daters on Tinder aren't just looking for hook-ups. Sociologist Jessica Carbino found that 80% of users seek long-term relationships.
  3. The Internet's perception of you may be quite different from how you see yourself. Data collected online can create an eerie portrait that doesn't always match reality.