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BIG by Matt Stoller • 43431 implied HN points • 26 Jan 24
  1. There is growing discontent and criticism towards Boeing's management from various stakeholders like Wall Street, labor unions, customers, and regulators.
  2. Major Boeing customers like Alaska Airlines and United Airlines are publicly holding Boeing accountable for quality issues and demanding reimbursement, indicating a significant shift in the industry's code of silence about problems.
  3. The government, particularly the FAA, has taken actions against Boeing and is showing signs of increasing regulation, potentially leading towards a moment where Boeing's management structure may face significant changes.
Freddie deBoer • 7174 implied HN points • 11 Mar 24
  1. The ACLU is trying to expand mandatory arbitration, potentially limiting workers' rights and making union organizing harder.
  2. The ACLU is challenging the appointment of the current General Counsel of the NLRB, which could impact the legitimacy of decisions made by the Biden Board.
  3. The underlying dispute revolves around the termination of an ACLU staffer for protected complaints about workplace conditions, revealing a complex situation where legal theories are used to justify actions.
Common Sense with Bari Weiss • 2290 implied HN points • 13 Mar 24
  1. Jewish lawyers in a labor union faced hostility and abuse for supporting Israel, leading to a congressional investigation for antisemitism.
  2. Messages from the union's group chat included accusations against Israel of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid.
  3. The union resolution in support of a cease-fire in Gaza faced criticism for detracting from the main purpose of the union, which is to fight for workers' rights.
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Altered States of Monetary Consciousness • 38 HN points • 18 Jan 24
  1. Corporate capitalism is a complex, circular system with no clear beginning or end.
  2. Understanding the roles of state institutions, corporations, and financial sectors is essential in comprehending the economy.
  3. Consumers, workers, managers, and suppliers all play key roles in the corporate capitalist ecosystem.
imperfect offerings • 79 implied HN points • 11 Jul 23
  1. Technology like GenAI can be viewed as a platform for coordinating labor, shaping relationships between users, owners, and revenue sources.
  2. The development of GenAI involves complex layers of human labor, from providing training data to post-training alignment through human feedback.
  3. The economic structure surrounding GenAI results in the extraction of value for platform corporations, while the vast majority of human labor involved in its development remains unpaid or underpaid.
Malt Liquidity • 6 implied HN points • 19 Sep 23
  1. Coordinated efforts become stronger as the numbers grow, but the value of the individual diminishes.
  2. Union bargaining gains power with a critical mass of numbers, enabling negotiation for better terms.
  3. Tesla's success in the market is partly due to its non-unionized workforce, providing cost advantages compared to unionized competitors.