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Substack 873 implied HN points 22 Feb 24
  1. Recommendations feature on Substack drives significant subscriber growth, with 50% of new subscriptions and 25% of new paid subscriptions coming from it.
  2. Substack is enhancing the Recommendations feature to allow writers to curate scenes for readers, expanding the reach and enabling a peer-to-peer system of trusted endorsements.
  3. Writers can customize and recommend more publications and profiles to readers, fostering a symbiotic media ecosystem and helping each other grow their audiences on Substack.
Substack Blog 748 HN points 11 Apr 23
  1. Substack Notes is a new space for sharing short-form content and connecting with other writers and readers on the Substack platform.
  2. Notes can help writers grow their audience and revenue by sharing links, images, quick thoughts, and snippets from Substack posts.
  3. Writers can use Notes to recommend others' work, share commentary and inspiration, 'restack' a quote, and provide a behind-the-scenes look into their content.
Conspirador Norteño 37 implied HN points 06 Jan 24
  1. A network of fake accounts with GAN-generated faces is spamming users with phrases like 'politics enthusiast'.
  2. The fake accounts have repetitive behaviors and characteristics, such as long handles with many vowels and repetitive use of certain phrases.
  3. Some replies from the fake accounts show signs of being artificially generated, with error messages and tagging issues.
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Substack Blog 32 HN points 05 Apr 23
  1. Substack is introducing Substack Notes to allow short-form content and recommendations within the platform.
  2. In this subscription-based network, creators are rewarded for valuable work and the focus is on converting casual readers to paying subscribers.
  3. Substack aims to create a constructive discussion space by allowing users to control their subscription universe, keeping out trolls and encouraging valuable contributions.
Bold & Open 0 implied HN points 21 Jan 24
  1. Wikipedia's success in attracting volunteers to create millions of articles lies in understanding the hard side of the community, where a minority contributes most of the value.
  2. Volunteers like Wikipedia editor Steven Pruitt are motivated by non-financial factors, such as community recognition, status, and self-expression.
  3. To form a strong community, focus on identifying and engaging the hard side - the minority of highly engaged members who create substantial value, and understand what motivates them to ensure their continued participation.