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635 implied HN points 14 Mar 24
  1. The Substack Bulletin shares news, resources, and opportunities for publishers, offering collaboration tools and customization tips for Substack websites.
  2. Recent updates include direct messaging capabilities for publishers, an upgraded recommendations network leading to increased subscriptions, and advanced layout options for showcasing content.
  3. The community section highlights writer meetups, milestones, and press features, encouraging interaction and sharing within the Substack community.
1028 implied HN points 28 Feb 24
  1. Substack now offers direct messaging, allowing users to have one-to-one private conversations with other writers and readers in the network.
  2. Direct messages on Substack can be used to build subscriber loyalty, connect with fellow writers for collaboration, and cultivate reader community by engaging directly with the audience.
  3. DMs are a new feature that can enhance relationships within the Substack community, providing opportunities for more personal and meaningful interactions between users.
873 implied HN points 22 Feb 24
  1. Recommendations feature on Substack drives significant subscriber growth, with 50% of new subscriptions and 25% of new paid subscriptions coming from it.
  2. Substack is enhancing the Recommendations feature to allow writers to curate scenes for readers, expanding the reach and enabling a peer-to-peer system of trusted endorsements.
  3. Writers can customize and recommend more publications and profiles to readers, fostering a symbiotic media ecosystem and helping each other grow their audiences on Substack.
745 implied HN points 16 Feb 24
  1. Substack is making efforts to ease the lives of writers by introducing a Writer Success team, chatbot, and tools to support them.
  2. The new Writer Success team is focused on technical support, educational resources, and supporting the writer community for a better experience.
  3. Substack's chatbot taps into years of knowledge to provide writers instant help, addressing common issues and connecting them with support.
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