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Singal-Minded 3933 implied HN points 09 Jan 24
  1. The controversy about Nazis on Substack led to different responses from users and platform
  2. Some publications were removed from Substack due to violation of content guidelines
  3. There were discrepancies in the reporting of the number of Nazi accounts on Substack, leading to criticism of the reporting process
The Watch 2631 implied HN points 27 Dec 23
  1. Substack has faced controversy over hosting white supremacists and other objectionable content
  2. Switching platforms can be risky for content creators like the author due to potential loss of subscribers and audience
  3. The author suggests direct support via other payment methods for those who want to support writers on Substack without contributing to the company
The Algorithmic Bridge 509 implied HN points 27 Feb 24
  1. Substack should have a category for AI to benefit the writers and interested readers.
  2. AI presence on Substack is significant and growing, with many exclusive AI newsletters in the top 100.
  3. An AI category would both help enthusiasts find relevant content and allow those uninterested in AI to easily avoid it, improving user experience on Substack.
The Future, Now and Then 237 implied HN points 13 Jan 24
  1. OpenAI is aiming to become a platform similar to how Facebook invited developers for apps.
  2. Nostalgia for 90s tech optimism is prevalent but may not be constructive for the present tech landscape.
  3. The Substack management issues are conflicting with their core value of empowering writers to build their own audience.
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The Ideaspace 21 implied HN points 21 Feb 24
  1. The Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet is a book capturing a critical moment in internet history, exploring the concept of retreating to 'dark forests' online as a response to mainstream internet behaviors.
  2. The book is a limited first-edition run of 1,000 copies available for purchase through Metalabel, offering a beautifully designed narrative of life on the web.
  3. Metalabel is a new platform supporting the selling, releasing, and exhibiting of various creative works, providing a space for creative groups to collaborate and share their work and audiences.
OSINT & Analysis by Oliver Alexander 222 implied HN points 11 Apr 23
  1. Substack Notes will be used for OSINT work that doesn't need a full article.
  2. For some writers, Substack Notes may not add much value, but for OSINT community members like Oliver, it's very beneficial.
  3. Twitter's recent decisions have pushed Oliver to utilize Substack Notes for sharing content he would have previously posted on Twitter.
Lukasz’s Substack 3 HN points 17 Apr 24
  1. ControlAI's platform offers a solution for AI safety and compliance, simplifying the complex process for users.
  2. Users can use the platform to create an inventory of AI assets, understand regulations like ISO Norms and GDPR, and track progress towards compliance.
  3. The platform also enables users to deploy defenses, showcase AI safety solutions, and collaborate with the AI community to enhance safety measures.
Platform Papers 19 implied HN points 04 Jul 23
  1. Crowdsourced content can be of high quality and variety, offering platforms a low-cost resource.
  2. Leveraging 'the crowd' for competitive advantage is challenging due to the need for platform management and direction.
  3. Platform competition and contributor activity intertwine, with success, community size, social benefits, and high-productivity contributors being key factors for a platform's competitive advantage.
Platform Papers 19 implied HN points 15 Feb 23
  1. Strong platform control can encourage complementors' innovation activity instead of suppressing it.
  2. Access control by platform owners shapes complementors' knowledge sharing activities and can impact innovation.
  3. Platform governance, particularly access control, plays a crucial role in motivating cooperative behaviors among complementors for innovation.
Venture Prose 139 implied HN points 22 Dec 19
  1. Consider moving to a new platform for better community engagement, filtering systems, and writer support.
  2. Choosing a platform like Substack can lead to more regular content creation and better conversations with readers.
  3. Encourage readers to subscribe for updates without any fear of getting spammed.
Joshua Gans' Newsletter 0 implied HN points 24 Dec 13
  1. Money is a platform where value transmission depends on belief and agreements among people. Stability and acceptance are crucial for efficient transactions.
  2. Bitcoin's stability as a payments platform is weak, but it offers potential benefits for wealth storage and operating outside government surveillance.
  3. Bitcoin's innovation as a payments platform, especially its programmable nature, is significant and revolutionary in the world of monetary economics.
Venture Prose 0 implied HN points 29 Jul 16
  1. Entrepreneurs should focus on either building a BtoB SaaS API or a Platform, not both simultaneously.
  2. A BtoB SaaS API offers technology for others to use, while a Platform provides both technology and data to users.
  3. Platforms, which combine tech and data, are harder to succeed with compared to APIs, which focus solely on technology.