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Are You Okay? 738 implied HN points 11 Dec 23
  1. Have a plan for managing your physical health during the holidays, covering aspects like COVID, alcohol, food, sleep, exercise, and socializing.
  2. Consider your approach to alcohol in social occasions, stressful situations, and when alone, especially during holiday gatherings.
  3. Approach holiday food with mindfulness; don't arrive hungry, set intentions before eating, allow yourself to enjoy without guilt, and practice self-compassion if you over-indulge.
In My Tribe 364 implied HN points 31 Jan 24
  1. Consider implementing a walk-and-talk activity to engage in intense conversations in a new environment.
  2. Plan logistics for the walk such as staying in a hotel, carrying belongings in a van, and driving the van in rotation.
  3. Adjust the walk to suit personal preferences, like duration, location, terrain, and meal preferences.
Digest // Storefronts of Bangkok 59 implied HN points 11 Oct 23
  1. Get ready to explore updates on events, food, and cultural experiences in Bangkok this weekend.
  2. Discover a unique pizza flavor, the Vodka Pizza, available for a limited time in Soho Pizza locations in Bangkok.
  3. Experience art exhibitions, music events, and unique socializing experiences happening in Bangkok this weekend.
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