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In My Tribe 289 HN points 05 Mar 23
Teens are anxious and depressed: drivers' licenses decline; Richard Hanania looks at social media; Noah Smith blames smart phones. Cowen/Yglesias/Dreher see a progressivism connection
In My Tribe 203 HN points 19 Mar 23
Rob Henderson on Robin Dunbar on friendship; Accusations by Naomi Wolf, Matt Taibbi, and Scott Atlas; Lorenzo Warby on conspiracism; Torenberg vs. de Waal on moral nature;
In My Tribe 192 HN points 23 Mar 23
ChatGPT-4 on deposit insurance; The Zvi on the alignment problem; Ian Leslie on the two cultures; Chatbots in teaching: Ethan Mollick; Bob Ewing; Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok; Sal Khan;
In My Tribe 182 HN points 16 Mar 23
Liberal Academics Circulate Petitions; Kevin Kelly defends social media; William Galston on crime; Lorenzo Warby on conspiracism.
In My Tribe 139 HN points 14 Mar 23
Erik Torenberg on insincere egalitarianism; Rob Henderson on same; Thomas Fazi on Crisis and Leviathan; Timothy Taylor on the Fed's plans for its balance sheet
In My Tribe 128 HN points 03 Mar 23
Richard Wrangham on two types of aggression; Noah Smith on the San Francisco scene; Harry Lambert on Bari Weiss; Rob Henderson on masculinity that isn't toxic
In My Tribe 128 HN points 21 Mar 23
Emily Oster on observational studies; Paul Dobransky on boundaries; Jean Twenge on academic pressure; Bob Eisenbeis explains an odd feature of the Credit Suisse resolution;
In My Tribe 128 HN points 24 Mar 23
Rob Henderson on happiness and meaning; Niccolo Soldo on the future of the family; Razib Khan and Steven Pinker; Joel Kotkin on woke capitalism;
In My Tribe 117 HN points 08 Mar 23
Isaac Grafstein on right-wing anti-interventionism; Ted Gioia's fantasy newspaper; Eric Kaufmann on American Jews at ebb tide; Marc Andreessen on the real source of cost disease
In My Tribe 117 HN points 15 Mar 23
The Zvi vs. smart phones; Jonathan Haidt on kids today; Ashley Rindsberg on Fauci the lab-leak denier; Gordon Wood on the U.S. Constitution in historical context;
In My Tribe 107 HN points 09 Mar 23
Ethan Mollick on how to use Bing; and on how to inspire AI creativity; Cleo Nardo on the Tyrone effect; and Ethan Mollick on productivity gains
In My Tribe 107 HN points 28 Feb 23
Matt Taibbi on the elites who hate our freedom; Brian Chau on elites who never lose status; Ed West on declining fertility; Jonathan Haidt on research on social media and social pathology
In My Tribe 96 HN points 06 Mar 23
Tyler Cowen and Martin Gurri vindicated; WTF happened in 1971; Noah Smith on American build-nothingism; Suzy Weiss on college cheating; Tyler Cowen on complaining
In My Tribe 96 HN points 27 Mar 23
Niccolo Soldo on Western meddling via NGOs; Kling on feminist economics; Lorenzo Warby on moral agency; Richard Hanania on East Asian exceptionalism
In My Tribe 53 HN points 11 Mar 23
On Monday, March 20, we will talk about interest rates, inflation, and the nature of a regime change that seems to be underway in the financial world. For paid subscribers