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608 implied HN points 29 Dec 23
  1. Travel might not be as glamorous as it seems, especially during busy times.
  2. Understanding the history of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict provides a broader perspective.
  3. Deployment and adoption of technology are just as crucial as invention.
243 implied HN points 26 Feb 24
  1. Different career decisions are optimized on different time scales from sub-second to months to years.
  2. Professions like athletes and speed-chess players excel in making sub-second decisions through muscle memory and pattern matching.
  3. Job interviews are typically designed for quick-time decisions, but should be adjusted based on the timescale of the job.
1638 implied HN points 17 Aug 23
  1. Silicon Valley Bank collapsed due to overcharging customers, not a classic bank run scenario.
  2. SVB's business model relied on overcharging depositors, which led to customers seeking better deals elsewhere.
  3. In competitive industries like banking, overcharging customers is a risky game that can lead to loss of business and eventual downfall.
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56 implied HN points 06 Mar 24
  1. The post is about sharing five interesting links for March 2024, covering topics like buying a pro sports team, the business of check cashing, and how time influences career choices.
  2. The post includes bonus content like podcasts on SaaS sales strategies and investing for a higher purpose, as well as articles discussing potential threats like rogue billionaires making nuclear weapons.
  3. Additional recommendations in the post include books to read, notable tweets, and a graph highlighting that spending on security does not always equate to high security levels.
170 implied HN points 30 Nov 23
  1. The post shares five interesting links to read, watch, and listen to.
  2. There is a new launch called Placekey 2.0 focusing on entity resolution for places and addresses.
  3. The text includes a bonus content section with additional information and links for further reading.
162 implied HN points 03 Nov 23
  1. The Techno-Optimist Manifesto by Marc Andreessen highlights the belief in building a better world through technology.
  2. Banking on Status by Julian Lehr discusses the intersection of luxury and software in modern apps.
  3. Travis May's article on The Six Moats of Data Businesses explains what effective moats look like in data companies.
194 implied HN points 04 Aug 23
  1. Networking is becoming less important compared to knowledge in the current job landscape.
  2. There is an ideal net worth after which money can become a social liability.
  3. Mosquitoes are drawn to certain people due to specific factors.
113 implied HN points 01 Sep 23
  1. The collapse of SVB was not due to sudden withdrawals, but rather their practice of overcharging customers.
  2. Bryan Johnson is investing in reversing his biological age and shares easily replicable pieces of his program.
  3. Larry Gagosian's role in reshaping the art world into a $65 billion industry is explored in detail.
97 implied HN points 21 Jun 23
  1. Spinning out companies can help ideas thrive by focusing on core business and raising additional funds.
  2. Different types of spin-outs include Incubation, Product, Division, and Acquisition spins, each serving a unique purpose.
  3. Success stories like SafeGraph's spin-outs show how effective team leadership is crucial for the new company's success.
81 implied HN points 07 Jul 23
  1. Maps distort our view of the world when shown on 2D maps.
  2. Spinning out companies can help good ideas grow despite resource limitations.
  3. U.S. population is getting older, posing challenges for the economy and innovation.