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draliceevans 19 likes 15 May 23
This week I was interviewed by the Economist, on whether there’s a crisis of masculinity. Since media time was short, I want to share my answer unabridged. Donald Trump's and Andrew Tate's sexism may go viral, but such views are vanishing. Although algorithms turbo-charge hate, Europeans and Americans increasingly endorse gender equality. In patrilineal Asia, meanwhile, modernisation has created a real crisis of incels.
draliceevans 8 likes 23 May 23
Wealthy societies are struggling with twin crises: depression and low fertility. Is this a coincidence?The Great Gender Divergence is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.
draliceevans 7 likes 02 May 23
Top jobs are universally male-dominated. In response, feminists push for state-subsidised childcare, more involved fathers, and greater support for gender equality. But Canada has already embraced these initiatives, women work at very high rates, yet its senior management remains 64% male. So what’s propping up patriarchy?
draliceevans 5 likes 22 May 23
As a social scientist, I see myself as constructing a four-dimensional jigsaw, piecing together little bits of data, identifying patterns and iteratively recalibrating. No methodology is perfect, each has its strengths and limitations. Public opinion polls and time-use surveys are susceptible to social desirability bias. Individuals may strive to present themselves in a positive light. For instance, 41% of US fathers say that childcare is
draliceevans 4 likes 22 May 23
The future is up for grabs. Nothing is pre-determined. We are all ships navigating through oceans of technological innovations, corporate monopolies, charismatic leaders and reverse dominance coalitions. Automation could be designed in a way to raise