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lcamtuf 210 HN points 12 Nov 22
Experience and hubris walk hand in hand. I’m a long-time photographer, and when I come across a nice photo, you can usually catch me mumbling to myself. “Ah yes, excellent. I could’ve done that with ease.” Most of my photography isn’t utilitarian, but I also illustrate my own writings; for a recent example, see
lcamtuf 168 HN points 17 Nov 22
It is impossible to avoid the headlines about the collapse of FTX, a major cryptocurrency exchange built by a Stanford prodigy, Sam Bankman-Fried. What’s less clear is what happened behind the scenes; I’ve been following the events fairly closely, so here’s my best take.
lcamtuf 126 HN points 15 Nov 22
We are digital hoarders. Some of us make plans for the custody of our accounts when we die, but our online legacy is mostly trash. It’s decades’ worth of political rants and throwaway jokes on social media, a lifetime of purchase receipts on Amazon, a Gmail account overflowing with promotional emails and mundane paperwork.