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Doomberg β€’ 7603 implied HN points β€’ 28 Feb 24
  1. It's important for analysts to reflect on their past work to improve and learn from mistakes.
  2. Understanding the political landscape is crucial for predicting market trends, especially in energy markets.
  3. The strategy of imposing sanctions against Russia may be ineffective and could have negative consequences on the global financial system.
Doomberg β€’ 7522 implied HN points β€’ 20 Feb 24
  1. The human need for energy continues to grow despite various historical crises and catastrophes.
  2. Energy is not just an input into the economy but is actually the foundation of the economy itself.
  3. The idea of peak cheap oil being a crisis is challenged, with the belief that humanity would adapt swiftly to any temporary constraints in energy availability.
Sustainability by numbers β€’ 211 implied HN points β€’ 28 Feb 24
  1. Many people are unaware that nuclear power is a low-carbon source of energy, leading to confusion between renewables and nuclear power.
  2. Surveys show that there is a lack of understanding regarding the low-carbon nature of nuclear energy, with less than half of the public recognizing it as such.
  3. Demographics play a role in this confusion, with older individuals and men more likely to correctly identify nuclear power as low-carbon compared to younger individuals and women.
Aether Pirates of the Matterium! β€’ 18455 implied HN points β€’ 04 Feb 24
  1. Military analysts are afraid of the future and the rapid advancement of technology.
  2. Tech-minded individuals are seen as a threat by the military due to their knowledge and innovative capabilities.
  3. The release of Zero Point Technology to the public, especially techies, is a major concern for the military as it would shift power dynamics significantly.
Noahpinion β€’ 13059 implied HN points β€’ 27 Jan 24
  1. The U.S. economy is thriving, with real growth, increased wages, high employment rates, and a booming stock market.
  2. The U.S. energy supply is abundant due to investments in shale oil production, keeping prices moderate and potentially boosting the economy even further.
  3. Millennials and Gen Z are doing well economically, with wealth accumulation surpassing previous generations at a similar age, especially in real estate.
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Doomberg β€’ 6641 implied HN points β€’ 24 Jan 24
  1. Jafurah in Saudi Arabia is a huge natural gas project with massive investments to increase production significantly by 2030.
  2. Technological advancements have made natural gas production economically viable, with potential for further investment and development.
  3. Natural gas can serve as a direct substitute for oil in various applications, contributing to energy efficiency and market dynamics.
Faster, Please! β€’ 1188 implied HN points β€’ 10 Feb 24
  1. Nuclear power needs to be developed faster and at a lower cost to be a reliable energy source for the future.
  2. New generations of reactors, like small modular ones, are emphasized for the advancement of nuclear energy.
  3. Building nuclear power plants faces significant delays and challenges globally, hindering progress in the industry.
The Crucial Years β€’ 2002 implied HN points β€’ 26 Jan 24
  1. A huge victory against the fossil fuel industry has been achieved by halting new licenses for LNG export terminals.
  2. Biden's decision sets a climate test for American fossil fuel expansion plans, signaling a transition from natural gas as a 'bridge fuel'.
  3. The fight for climate justice needs to include considerations for impacts on communities and involve effective monitoring and engagement with frontline leaders.
HEATED β€’ 1906 implied HN points β€’ 23 Jan 24
  1. Biden's advisors are split about implementing a stricter climate test for LNG projects.
  2. A former gas executive serving as a senior White House adviser is advising caution on LNG projects.
  3. Activists are planning a large-scale civil disobedience action to pressure the White House to reevaluate LNG project approvals.
Gordian Knot News β€’ 175 implied HN points β€’ 18 Feb 24
  1. Fusion faces difficult technical challenges like damage to the first wall, intense heat transfer, and high maintenance due to activation of materials.
  2. Achieving economic viability in fusion is a major hurdle, with immense parasitic loads and a fusion gain ratio that can be a significant challenge to achieve.
  3. Standard fusion processes like using deuterium and tritium result in energy losses due to the need for high quality energy input, which makes fusion less self-sustaining than fission.
Faster, Please! β€’ 822 implied HN points β€’ 03 Feb 24
  1. Critics think AI consumes a significant amount of energy, comparable to whole countries.
  2. There's a risk of AI's energy consumption becoming a political issue, akin to past debates around cryptocurrency.
  3. Leading tech companies are working to use renewable energy sources to power AI, reducing potential worries about its energy usage.
Points And Figures β€’ 906 implied HN points β€’ 01 Feb 24
  1. Don't just focus on all-time highs in the stock market, also consider the rate of change and velocity of growth.
  2. Analyze hard statistics objectively to compare economic performance under different presidencies.
  3. Take into account various economic indicators like natural gas and crude oil production when evaluating administration policies.
Irina Slav on energy β€’ 982 implied HN points β€’ 15 Jan 24
  1. Tanker traffic in the Red Sea is being disrupted due to missile strikes between the Houthis and the Combined Military Forces, leading to rerouted vessels and rising prices.
  2. Container freight rates for vessels traveling to Europe from Asia have reached a 15-month high, with fears of the situation worsening.
  3. Higher shipping prices and emissions are a consequence of vessels avoiding the Red Sea route, affecting the cost of various goods and causing some companies to switch from ships to planes.
Noahpinion β€’ 26118 implied HN points β€’ 14 May 23
  1. Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming more popular worldwide, supported by improved technology and falling battery prices.
  2. There are concerns about the availability of minerals for EV production, but advancements in mining technology and growing lithium reserves offer hope.
  3. EVs have environmental benefits compared to gas cars, including reducing carbon emissions and offering more efficient energy use.
Construction Physics β€’ 19834 implied HN points β€’ 25 May 23
  1. Electricity transitioned from a rare luxury to a critical aspect of modern life in a short period of time.
  2. The development of high-voltage transmission lines allowed for long-distance power transmission and the creation of interconnected power systems.
  3. The electric power industry grew by embracing scale, cooperation, and regulation to meet increasing demand and ensure reliability.
The Crucial Years β€’ 906 implied HN points β€’ 09 Jan 24
  1. Protest outside the Department of Energy in early February against permitting new LNG export terminals
  2. Arguments against granting new export licenses include high greenhouse gas emissions and negative impact on local communities
  3. Participate in peaceful civil disobedience or support rallies, with options for training sessions and online nonviolence training
Everything is Light β€’ 373 implied HN points β€’ 26 Jan 24
  1. Energy security is a global concern and nuclear energy is crucial for societal progress.
  2. Many countries are investing in expanding nuclear energy generation, with significant projects underway in Asia, Europe, and North America.
  3. Despite past reservations, some nations like Japan and Italy are reconsidering nuclear power, while others like Denmark and Singapore are exploring options.
Building a New Economics β€’ 137 implied HN points β€’ 09 Feb 24
  1. Nate Hagens' podcast 'The Great Simplification' discusses the critical role of energy in human civilization and the potential for ecological overshoot to lead to major changes for humanity's survival.
  2. The concept of 'Energy Blindness' is explored in a conversation between Nate Hagens and Steve Keen, tracing back to Adam Smith, known as 'the Father of Economics'.
  3. The podcast conversation between Nate Hagens and Steve Keen is available both in audio and video formats for different preferences.
Sustainability by numbers β€’ 168 implied HN points β€’ 05 Feb 24
  1. Global energy demand in 2050 could be lower due to decarbonisation leading to efficiency gains
  2. Final energy use per person is projected to decrease with increased decarbonisation
  3. Electricity demand will rise significantly with the electrification of transport and heating
The Land Desk β€’ 432 implied HN points β€’ 16 Jan 24
  1. Biden has made some questionable decisions regarding public lands and energy, but he has also protected certain lands from fossil fuel energy development.
  2. Biden did not fulfill his promise to end oil and gas drilling on public lands, but he has taken significant actions to protect certain federal lands and reduce emissions.
  3. Judging politicians solely on promises kept or broken may not be productive; evaluating their policies and actions is more important.
The Crucial Years β€’ 966 implied HN points β€’ 22 Dec 23
  1. There is a potential victory on pausing LNG exports, which could impact Biden's campaign and the planet positively.
  2. Campaigners and new data have highlighted the detrimental impact of LNG exports on the climate and American consumers.
  3. The administration's decision on LNG exports can be a crucial win for climate action and Biden's re-election efforts.
Doomberg β€’ 7718 implied HN points β€’ 25 Jul 23
  1. Fatal energy-related incidents occur due to the risks in harnessing, storing, and transporting energy.
  2. Despite tragedies, society often continues to utilize energy sources by weighing risks and benefits.
  3. The nuclear energy industry faces disproportionate fear and opposition compared to other energy sources.
Construction Physics β€’ 9812 implied HN points β€’ 17 Jun 23
  1. Electric power in the US was historically monopolized by utility companies, but cracks in the system started to appear in the 1960s and 1970s.
  2. The Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 revolutionized the energy industry by creating a new class of independent power producers called Qualifying Facilities, leading to an increase in non-utility electricity generation.
  3. Deregulation of the electric power industry began in the 1990s and 2000s, with the unbundling of generation and transmission services, creation of new power suppliers like Exempt Wholesale Generators, and the establishment of Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations to introduce competition.
The Raven β€’ 275 implied HN points β€’ 24 Jan 24
  1. Gas reserves off the Gaza coast have been a point of conflict between Israel and Palestinians.
  2. Palestinians have suffered economic losses due to the hindrance of gas exploitation in the region.
  3. Recent moves towards developing Gaza Marine seem tied to buying complicity, particularly with the PNA, while eliminating Hamas.
Dan Davies - "Back of Mind" β€’ 334 implied HN points β€’ 19 Jan 24
  1. Supply and demand for electricity become more unpredictable with an increasing proportion of wind and solar energy
  2. The profit motive drives the application of information processing power and bandwidth to solve energy planning problems
  3. Market trading and the profit motive are ways to match the variety of the energy problem with the regulatory system