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stevekirsch 1904 likes 20 Jun 22
My wife just told me she is about to take our new baby cat to the vet for her first vaccinations. Can you guess what I said? Yup, I said "*(@ Where is the data on that?" She said, "I don't need data."
stevekirsch 933 likes 18 Jun 22
They are trying to take away Dr. Peter McCullough's medical license for speaking out against the vaccines. So I sent them an email challenging them to defend their position.
stevekirsch 922 likes 05 Jul 22
In Austria, the Minister of Health acknowledges the problems with the vaccines, but he throws the Austrian docs under the bus. Why? Because denial is no longer working and you have to blame someone!
stevekirsch 787 likes 15 Jun 22
Their defense to the fraud claims against them is that because the government was in on it, it isn't fraud. Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson's attorney, Robert Barnes, isn't buying the argument.