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TK News by Matt Taibbi β€’ 9232 implied HN points β€’ 16 Feb 24
  1. Many reporters who covered the Russiagate story faced backlash and criticism for their reporting.
  2. Various journalists and media figures who exposed illegal surveillance and manufactured intelligence in the Trump-Russia investigation were targeted and discredited by mainstream commentators.
  3. Despite facing pushback, these reporters like Glenn Greenwald, John Solomon, and Lee Smith continued to investigate and report on the inaccuracies surrounding the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.
TK News by Matt Taibbi β€’ 8785 implied HN points β€’ 07 Feb 24
  1. Financial institutions are using transaction data to monitor for 'extremism indicators' like certain purchases or travel patterns.
  2. Financial surveillance, enhanced by AI, allows institutions to create detailed profiles of individuals and potentially restrict their access to financial services.
  3. The rise of 'political credit scores' may lead to non-illegal behaviors being punished effectively, similar to how speech is censored.
Odds and Ends of History β€’ 2077 implied HN points β€’ 12 Feb 24
  1. AI technology, like the one used in TfL's Tube Station experiment, is rapidly changing and being implemented in various sectors.
  2. AI cameras at stations can have a wide range of uses, from enhancing security to improving passenger welfare and gathering statistical data.
  3. While AI technology offers numerous benefits, there are also concerns about privacy, surveillance, and potential misuse of the technology.
eugyppius: a plague chronicle β€’ 469 implied HN points β€’ 17 Feb 24
  1. Germany is implementing wide-ranging measures to restrict speech, travel, and economic activity of political dissidents to control the thought patterns of its people.
  2. The political establishment in Germany is using strategies to maintain power, including targeting opposition groups like Alternative fΓΌr Deutschland (AfD).
  3. The government in Germany is expanding its control over dissent by planning to use various tools like financial investigations, travel restrictions, and internet censorship to combat right-wing extremism.
2nd Smartest Guy in the World β€’ 3950 implied HN points β€’ 20 Jan 24
  1. The global elite at Davos aim to 'Rebuild Trust' through censorship and surveillance.
  2. Davos lacks real debate as participants are vetted for conformity to agenda narratives.
  3. Davos 2024 focused on familiar topics like climate change and stakeholder capitalism.
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All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 338 implied HN points β€’ 15 Feb 24
  1. Orbital Insight CEO Kevin O'Brien moved to the cryptocurrency surveillance firm Chainalysis, leaving behind the collapse and financial struggles of Orbital.
  2. Orbital Insight faced challenges leading to financial decline, including defaulting on rent, a nonfunctional main phone line, and failed attempts at a merger with Privateer Space.
  3. Despite substantial funding and strategic partnerships, Orbital's downfall was partially attributed to market changes, such as Apple's privacy measures affecting their commercial data analysis business.
The Dossier β€’ 903 implied HN points β€’ 19 Jan 24
  1. The conference theme was 'Rebuilding Trust' but no one acknowledged any wrongdoing.
  2. There was no real debate at Davos, just a gathering for the global ruling class to unite behind shared agendas.
  3. China took the spotlight at Davos, while the event faced low American representation and criticism from outside sources.
Public β€’ 666 implied HN points β€’ 24 Jan 24
  1. Trudeau government allegedly used false intelligence to crack down on protesting truckers
  2. Information was shared with English-speaking nations in the Five Eyes alliance
  3. This contributes to a pattern of intelligence agencies abusing power to persecute political enemies
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 836 implied HN points β€’ 15 Jan 24
  1. Orbis Operations, led by former CIA officials, accidentally published confidential data agreements.
  2. Anomaly detection techniques used by intelligence agencies and corporations focus on detecting anomalies and insider threats.
  3. National security data brokers like Orbis fuse various data sources for surveillance and intelligence gathering.
Discourse Blog β€’ 648 implied HN points β€’ 16 Jan 24
  1. RFK Jr. is criticized for defending the Kennedy administration's role in FBI surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. RFK Jr.'s comments are seen as ignorant and tone-deaf, considering the context and historical significance.
  3. Despite familial loyalty, there is value in acknowledging and admitting when family members have done wrong.
The Glenn Meder Newsletter β€’ 530 implied HN points β€’ 09 Jan 24
  1. Artificial intelligence has advanced rapidly, blurring the line between human and AI interactions.
  2. Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook use AI to manipulate public opinion and influence elections.
  3. AI, in the hands of those seeking power, can be a dangerous tool for control and manipulation of individuals and society.
eugyppius: a plague chronicle β€’ 159 implied HN points β€’ 01 Feb 24
  1. Former CDU politician Hans-Georg Maaßen is under extensive surveillance for criticizing globalism, the Green Party, mass migration, and state media.
  2. German domestic intelligence services are closely monitoring Maaßen's activities, including his social media posts and press statements.
  3. Criticism of the government, Greens, mass migration, and state media can lead to being labeled a 'right-wing extremist' and attract attention from political police.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 478 implied HN points β€’ 06 Jan 24
  1. Premise Data settled a lawsuit against a whistleblower who exposed the company's covert surveillance.
  2. The lawsuit involved Premise's use of data collectors for military intelligence purposes.
  3. The settlement followed the replacement of Premise's CEO and a series of bizarre events involving the former CEO.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 736 implied HN points β€’ 18 Dec 23
  1. CEO of Gig-work Surveillance Firm, Maury Blackman, resigned after years of court battles and exposure of clandestine surveillance.
  2. Premise Data, an analogue of Uber for data-gathering, faced revenue stagnation despite investments and high-profile board members.
  3. Blackman's resignation led to Matt McNabb taking over as CEO, revealing a history of controversial events and legal issues within Premise.
Who is Robert Malone β€’ 22 implied HN points β€’ 13 Feb 24
  1. Elections are vulnerable to manipulation through search engine rankings, influencing undecided voters significantly.
  2. Google's extensive surveillance through various platforms raises privacy concerns, including features like microphones in smart devices.
  3. Google's dominance in online platforms allows for manipulation, censorship, and bias in content dissemination, impacting political campaigns, elections, and public opinions.
Metacurity β€’ 19 implied HN points β€’ 10 Feb 24
  1. London Underground is testing real-time AI surveillance tools to spot crime, a first for the transport body.
  2. AI is being used to generate alerts sent to frontline staff based on live video footage monitored by the system.
  3. Transport for London (TfL) operated the AI system at Willesden Green Tube station, which had 25,000 visitors per day before the pandemic.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 836 implied HN points β€’ 22 Sep 23
  1. Defense Information Systems Agency has a new $2.5 million social media surveillance contract with Dataminr.
  2. Dataminr, associated with Twitter, has been careful to avoid the 'surveillance' label and instead presents itself as an 'alerting' platform.
  3. Despite past commitments, Dataminr continues to provide access to social media data for surveillance purposes.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 577 implied HN points β€’ 16 Oct 23
  1. Orbital Insight's main income is from tracking West Papuan phones.
  2. Orbital Insight pivoted to wiretapping for Indonesian intelligence.
  3. Orbital Insight's Project Alpha involves mass surveillance tool for Indonesian security services.
Michael Shellenberger β€’ 7 HN points β€’ 13 Feb 24
  1. The United States Intelligence Community, including the CIA, used foreign spy agencies to target Trump advisors before the alleged collusion with Russia.
  2. The FBI should not have begun its investigation into Trump and Russia collusion in 2016, according to a special prosecutor for the Department of Justice.
  3. The Five Eyes intelligence alliance was used to surveil Trump's associates, with 26 of them specifically targeted for contact and manipulation.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 517 implied HN points β€’ 15 Sep 23
  1. The Pentagon is transferring its whistleblower-hunting system to Palantir's cloud.
  2. Palantir's Gotham software has been crucial in assisting the Pentagon in finding whistleblowers.
  3. The U.S. military views whistleblowers as insider threats, with Palantir playing a key role in identifying them.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 344 HN points β€’ 18 Oct 23
  1. Lockheed Martin and HawkEye 360 are partnering to track phones and walkie-talkies from space
  2. The UAE military is reportedly a significant customer of this phone tracking technology
  3. HawkEye 360's satellite surveillance capabilities extend to monitoring electromagnetic emissions worldwide
Untangled with Charley Johnson β€’ 19 implied HN points β€’ 28 Jan 24
  1. Generative AI should be considered a public problem requiring collective consideration.
  2. Technology problems are not just about technology, but also about social, cultural, political, and economic factors.
  3. An important aspect of addressing AI issues is to collectively debate, account for, and manage them.
Zero Day β€’ 1259 implied HN points β€’ 06 Apr 23
  1. Kim Zetter is working on various projects that are taking longer than expected.
  2. She is co-teaching a course about government surveillance and classified leaks at Johns Hopkins SAIS.
  3. Students in the course show a deep understanding of surveillance nuances and the importance of balancing security with civil liberties.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 219 implied HN points β€’ 14 Sep 23
  1. CEO of Premise Data, Maury Blackman, was arrested for felony domestic violence after a Christmas party.
  2. The incident involving the CEO and his girlfriend was not publicly reported as the victim recanted her initial statements.
  3. Premise Data, Blackman's company, has been accused of covert surveillance activities for U.S. defense and intelligence agencies.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 199 implied HN points β€’ 19 Sep 23
  1. Orbital Insight, a surveillance firm backed by Google and CIA, allegedly defaulted on $370,000 per month rent
  2. Orbital Insight was sued by its landlord and subtenants for failing to pay rent for its Silicon Valley HQ
  3. The company had significant investments, including from Google Ventures and the U.S. Intelligence Community
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 139 implied HN points β€’ 18 Sep 23
  1. Premise Data's CEO is trying to keep the names of the military and spy agencies the company works for a secret.
  2. There is a legal battle over disclosing intelligence clients, with requests for documents to be clawed back and redacted.
  3. The legal dispute involves claims of national security reasons and maintaining marketplace competitiveness for secrecy.
All-Source Intelligence Fusion β€’ 99 implied HN points β€’ 02 Sep 23
  1. Premise Data revealed secret military and intelligence contracts in a court filing.
  2. Premise Data requested protection against further disclosure of their military and intelligence contracts.
  3. Despite revelations, influential outlets have portrayed Premise Data as a neutral polling platform.
Stove Top β€’ 117 implied HN points β€’ 23 Jun 23
  1. Huawei is accused of being a piece of Chinese spyware with ties to government and espionage.
  2. France is taking extreme measures against encryption, raising concerns about privacy and government surveillance.
  3. Consuming true crime content raises complex questions on its impact on mental health and society, with discussions on privacy and ethical concerns.
Reboot β€’ 21 implied HN points β€’ 18 Nov 23
  1. In the age of the internet, it's challenging to disappear in America due to the digital footprint left by basic needs like addresses, bank cards, and online accounts.
  2. There is a small community of tech-savvy individuals focused on extreme privacy, using specialized tools like privacy-focused operating systems, encrypted communication, and anonymous browsing.
  3. Extreme privacy can be isolating and exhausting, leading to a constant balance between the desire for privacy and the inherent risks and limitations of disappearing from the public eye.