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Culture Study 2880 HN points 18 Jan 23
If you forward this newsletter all the time, if you rely on it as a precious break or a primary source for future reading — and if you have the means — consider paying for the things that have become important to you. (If you don’t have the means, as always, you can just email me and I’ll comp you, no questions asked). Subscriptions make work like this possible.
Culture Study 2720 HN points 11 Jan 23
This week’s episode of WORK APPROPRIATE is for anyone who is exhausted with their workplace treating their identity — their simple act of being who they are — as a problem, featuring practical, actionable (legal and emotional!) advice from Morgan Givens
Culture Study 1616 HN points 03 Feb 23
This Friday’s Thread prompt is admittedly self-centered: my online life feels out of control. Personally, I blame Google’s inability to keep a handle on the increase in spam, which has resulted in a newly innovative email from someone telling me I’ve purchased McAfee software in my priority inbox every damn day. But I’m also talking about managing subscriptions, and clouds, and photo storage, and passwords, and so much else.
Culture Study 1008 HN points 29 Jan 23
Breaking News, Northern Hemisphere: Winter is almost over. I mean, clearly it is not, but for me, particularly now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, the end of January marks the top of the winter mountain. Truly, it’s all better weather from here. Sure, we might end up with another atmospheric river (or three), but the sun is setting after 5 pm, and I don’t know if you knew this, but February is actually only 8 days (unless your kids get sick, then it’s definitely 38 days).
Culture Study 1 HN points 25 Jan 23
Back in the summer of 2020, I quit what was ostensibly a very good job in media to write this newsletter full-time. I didn’t do it for money. I didn’t do it because I didn’t like editors (I had excellent ones, whom I appreciated deeply). I did it because I had Layoff Brain.
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