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Culture Study 2655 HN points 22 May 22
Over the last six months — and more specifically, the last two — millions of people whose jobs had allowed them to work from home have tested positive for Covid. I’ve come to think of it as a sort of Privileged WFH Blue State Wave: as even the most Covid-conservative of offices began opening up, and mask mandates in blue states like Washington faded away, I began hearing from family after family who’d avoided the disease for two years, only to have it come home this Spring.
Culture Study 333 HN points 15 May 22
I’m finishing up my trip in Norway — more about that sometime soon — and have some accumulated reading/links to sent your way before Culture Study returns to its regular programming next week. (If you’re interested in bonkers Norway highlights, I’ve collected them in my Instagram Saved stories — just click
Culture Study 5 HN points 01 May 22
If you value this work, and this platform, and these perspectives, and find yourself opening this newsletter every week — please consider becoming a paid subscribing member. Your contributions make this work sustainable. This week, I gave a talk at the CALM (
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