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Maybe Baby 26 likes 19 Sep 21
Some time in July, Avi and I bought two in-home cameras so we could keep an eye on our cat if we had to leave him alone for a while. I know that sounds paranoid, and it is, but we also thought it sounded kind of cute. Our friends have a camera in their living room and sometimes, when we’re hanging out at a bar, we’ll check in on their cats for fun. There’s something about a cat sitting by itself on a couch, staring into the middle distance in an empty room, that is inherently funny. What are they thinking? When they slink off camera, where are they going?
Maybe Baby 24 likes 17 Sep 21
Hey, Last week’s 15 Things was really fun, thanks for commenting! I’m into this new format. Regarding my question about podcast emails: It seems the majority of you want to receive them still, so they’re staying! If you were against, I’d suggest setting up a rule so that all my podcast emails go into your archive or whatever. You can do that by typing th…