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The Robert Reich Substack centers on dissecting the dynamics of power and its misuse in the political and corporate spheres, focusing on critiques of the Trump administration, the Republican Party's strategies, media integrity, and the influence of corporations and billionaires on democracy and public policy.

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36282 implied HN points 09 Feb 24
  1. Special counsel Hur cleared Biden of any criminality due to memory lapses, sparking concerns about Biden's aging brain.
  2. Hur's lack of medical background and Trump's own memory issues bring into question the validity of his assessment.
  3. The focus in electing a president should be on knowledge, temperament, and judgment, qualities where Biden stands out compared to Trump.
  4. The issue of Biden's memory should not overshadow Trump's indictments and lack of cooperation with investigators.
  5. Hur's previous affiliations with Trump raise suspicions about the political motivations behind his statements.
37815 implied HN points 05 Feb 24
  1. The writer believes in reaching out to people with open minds.
  2. Providing data, arguments, and logic helps in spreading truth.
  3. Feeling confident in your thoughts is important, especially in challenging times.
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28735 implied HN points 06 Feb 24
  1. A federal appeals court rejected Trump's claim of immunity for charges related to the 2020 election.
  2. Trump's legal delays may allow him to postpone a trial until after the presidential election.
  3. The court system should set tighter deadlines to prevent Trump from running out the clock on accountability.
32331 implied HN points 26 Jan 24
  1. Elon Musk has been spreading misinformation about immigration and voting laws, similar to Trump's tactics.
  2. Musk's massive influence and control over Twitter (X) pose a threat to democracy and accountability.
  3. The concentration of wealth in individuals like Musk can be dangerous for democracy by allowing them to evade consequences and manipulate public opinion.
33589 implied HN points 18 Jan 24
  1. Airbus has taken the lead over Boeing in manufacturing and sales of commercial aircraft
  2. Boeing's commitment to safety has been doubted by the public and airlines, affecting its reputation
  3. Airbus and Boeing differ in ownership and worker power, which impacts their approach to manufacturing and safety
23998 implied HN points 30 Jan 24
  1. The bipartisan Senate deal on immigration focuses on border security and lacks real reforms like a pathway to citizenship.
  2. Political posturing over border security has intensified as a key issue for the 2024 election.
  3. Trump's rhetoric on immigration, laden with false claims, is evocative of neofascist language and a troubling historical parallel.
16254 implied HN points 04 Feb 24
  1. Organizing for difficult subjects in universities is essential to foster open dialogue and avoid polarization.
  2. Collaborative teaching with diverse perspectives can create a more enriching and open-minded learning environment for students.
  3. Approaching the conflict between Israel and Palestine with a sense of tragedy can help students understand the complexity and motivations behind the narratives of both sides.
26140 implied HN points 11 Jan 24
  1. Trump's lawyer argued for immunity from criminal trial through impeachment, resembling the 1933 Enabling Law in Germany.
  2. American democracy is stronger than Weimar Republic's but caution is needed to protect it.
  3. Author highlights the importance of upholding democratic norms, media truth-telling, and citizen participation for safeguarding democracy.
14308 implied HN points 07 Feb 24
  1. Dartmouth basketball team is on its way to becoming the first unionized sports program in the country.
  2. The United Auto Workers are making progress in organizing autoworkers at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee.
  3. Unionization efforts in the U.S., supported by Biden's National Labor Relations Board, are gaining momentum and support is increasing across various sectors.
21187 implied HN points 16 Jan 24
  1. The Chevron doctrine allows agencies to interpret laws to protect the public, but it's under threat
  2. Challenges to the Chevron doctrine could give judges, not experts, power to invalidate regulations
  3. Corporate interests are pushing to end the Chevron doctrine to increase profits and reduce public protections
19988 implied HN points 12 Jan 24
  1. Our attention is a scarce resource that is being exploited by individuals like Donald Trump for political gain.
  2. As demands on our attention increase from various sources like social media, our ability to focus elsewhere decreases.
  3. By dominating public attention through provocations, Trump can make other candidates, like Biden, appear weaker and less significant.
19752 implied HN points 12 Jan 24
  1. The virtuous cycle of rising wages with productivity gains broke in the late 1970s, leading to stagnant incomes for most American workers.
  2. Corporate governance shifted in the 1980s, with a focus on maximizing shareholder returns, leading to massive job cuts and weakened worker bargaining power.
  3. Decline in union membership since the late 1970s has contributed to shrinking middle class as unions effectively negotiated better wages and benefits for workers.
16509 implied HN points 19 Jan 24
  1. American capitalism underwent a significant transformation post-World War II leading to economic challenges and inequality.
  2. Countervailing power was instrumental in balancing economic and political control in America after World War II.
  3. The rise of populism calls for establishing a new countervailing power based on progressive ideals to combat the influence of big money in politics and achieve economic and political control for the majority.
19025 implied HN points 08 Jan 24
  1. The military chain of command is crucial in both democracies and dictatorships.
  2. Being aware of potential misuse of military power by political leaders is important.
  3. Historically, dictators heavily rely on the military to maintain power.
9139 implied HN points 10 Feb 24
  1. Robert Reich hosts a Sunday caption contest about praying where participants can submit captions to win
  2. Winners are announced weekly, and last week's winning caption was 'Too many good people did nothing,' by Rita Fuller
  3. The contest encourages engagement by inviting people to participate and leave comments to create a sense of community
10102 implied HN points 04 Feb 24
  1. Sunday caption contest with a theme of grandchild's curiosity
  2. Readers can participate by submitting captions in the Comments
  3. Winners are announced weekly on Sundays
10967 implied HN points 28 Jan 24
  1. Post about Sunday caption contest on Robert Reich's Substack
  2. Participants can submit captions for a chance to win
  3. Winners of the caption contest are announced weekly