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Sriram Krishnan’s Newsletter 275 implied HN points 18 Jul 23
  1. When considering a market, focus not just on the total value but also on the volume of potential customers or personas.
  2. High volume of target customers provides more opportunities for learning and growth in a business.
  3. A larger TAM (volume) allows for more chances to adjust strategies and learn from mistakes compared to low volume markets.
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Build To Scale 19 implied HN points 30 Jan 24
  1. When pricing software, focus on value over cost. It's vital to find the right balance and not undervalue your product.
  2. Adapt pricing based on customer segments. Small businesses and larger enterprises have different budgets and needs, so consider offering various editions or plans.
  3. Avoid commodity pricing and aim for a pricing model customers can easily understand. Make sure pricing generates positive margins and evolves with your company.
Texts with Founders 7 implied HN points 13 Feb 24
  1. Having a good co-founder can make starting a company less lonely and more successful.
  2. Relying on funding or accelerators as preconditions to starting may show a lack of commitment to building a successful startup.
  3. Starting with customers before seeking investors can lead to faster validation, more successful fundraising, and show commitment to the company's growth.
Mehdeeka 3 implied HN points 21 Feb 24
  1. Positioning and displaying pricing on websites requires careful thought to avoid overwhelming visitors. Highlighting value propositions, using tier layouts effectively, and integrating FAQs can enhance clarity.
  2. Incorporating pricing details into sales materials like pitch decks and business case templates reinforces the value proposition and aids in presenting a clear investment summary to potential clients.
  3. For complex products, consider creating in-depth documents or web pages that outline proposed options with detailed inclusions, FAQs, and explanations to assist customers in making informed decisions.