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aseq 33 HN points 26 May 23
Someone mentioned Oxford Nanopore’s SmidgION the other day, and suggested that based on the London Calling presentation is could be super low cost. As in <$10 or $20. This seems unlikely to me, so I figured I try and communicate why. Let’s look at the information we currently have on the SmidgION. Firstly, the SmidgION was first announced
aseq 33 HN points 22 May 23
Last week someone was asking about MGI sequencers. This got me thinking about how broad the Chinese sequencing ecosystem has become. Arguably China can now lay claim to the most “complete” portfolio of Next-gen DNA sequencing companies with Illumina-style SBS
aseq 22 HN points 15 May 23
MGI has some new sequencers out! Well, they did about 8 months ago… and nobody seems to care. Well I care, at least I care enough to write about it several months after they were released! There’s a solid reason why nobody is very interested in the DNBSeq-E25. It’s a clone
aseq 11 HN points 23 May 23
Yesterday I wrote about eight Chinese DNA sequencing companies. Today I found out about 4 more! So let’s very quickly review! Salus: Salus Pro/Evo Looks like Illumina-style SBS using an unspecified surface amplification approach. According to their website
aseq 11 HN points 29 May 23
Last week someone pinged me about Singular Genomics (please feel free to reach out, I always love to chat!). So I thought it might be interesting to revisit the company. Well… it seems they’ve not been doing very well. The share price is down from ~25USD at the IPO to around $1!
aseq 11 HN points 20 May 23
I used to like The Clash. I suppose their working-class revolutionary spirit appealed to me. Of course then you find out that Joe Strummer went to a school “where thick rich people sent their thick rich kids”… and had significantly more opportunities than most.
aseq 11 HN points 06 May 23
In this post I review the $325M settlement Illumina made with MGI over Illumina’s use of 2-Color SBS technology. I review the patents and some of the court documents involved in this case and after the paywall, ponder the ramifications of the settlement and how this might even work out in Illumina’s favor!
aseq 11 HN points 09 May 23
For those of you who don’t know, Carl Icahn has been trying to get Francis DeSouza fired from his position as CEO of Illumina. Anyway he has a new letter out! So let’s take a look, it includes a handy list of questions for us to review: Icahn: Why have core Illumina operating margins declined from a historic range of ~30% to a guided range of 22% in 2023?
aseq 0 HN points 31 May 23
Some time ago Graham Wiley sent me an amazing collection of flow cells. I’ve been sitting on these for a while for various reasons, but not least because the only patterned flow cell I could optically image was the HiSeq’s. Features on the NovaSeq and other flowcells were just too small to be seen with a regular optical microscope.