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Lex Sokolin's fintech analysis on how blockchain & DeFi, neobanks & roboadvisors, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and other innovation themes are rewiring financial services

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The Fintech Blueprint 13 likes 20 Sep 21
Hi Fintech futurists — this week, we cover the following: Thesis: Square upgrades Cash App into a payment processing powerhouse, completing the loop between the consumer and merchant side of the house. Goldman Sachs acquires GreenSky, adding a lending business at the point of intent. This analysis connects these symptoms into a framework explaining the increasing integration between commerce and finance, and the increasing role that demand generation plays. That in turn explains how the attention and creator economies interconnect with financial services.
The Fintech Blueprint 2 likes 22 Sep 21
Hi and gm, Fintech Architects -- Welcome back to the subscribers-only letter! There are some changes brewing to add more value to the subs here. One thing we want to pre-annouce is our massive, massive tag archive by theme and company: