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982 implied HN points 08 Jan 24
  1. 2022 saw a significant rise in the electric vehicle market, with companies like Tesla and BYD achieving impressive results.
  2. Tesla's revenue in 2022 hit $81.5 billion, showing a 51% increase from the year before, with net income growing by 128%.
  3. BYD, a Chinese company, reported a remarkable 319% year-on-year increase in net profit in 2022 due to the expansion of the new energy vehicle industry.
668 implied HN points 22 Jan 24
  1. The post discusses major credit card networks and their card circulation and total volume.
  2. It also looks into debit cards and identifies the biggest issuers.
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314 implied HN points 05 Feb 24
  1. Productivity levels differ across OECD countries based on factors like research and development, education, and infrastructure.
  2. In the US, productivity has improved over time due to advancements in technology and management practices.
  3. Washington State stands out as the most productive US state, attributed to being a technology hub and home to major innovative companies.
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412 implied HN points 21 Jun 23
  1. The total estimated money on earth is $633.88 trillion, including various forms like physical currency, digital money, stock market, real estate, and commodities.
  2. The wealth distribution is highly skewed, with 69% of the world's wealth being held by just seven countries, showing a significant wealth gap globally.
  3. Top 26 billionaires own more wealth than the poorest 3.8 billion people combined, highlighting the extreme wealth inequality in today's world.
255 implied HN points 17 May 23
  1. BRICS nations are rising in global economic power, poised to surpass the G7. They are growing rapidly and becoming significant players on the global stage.
  2. The shift from G7 dominance to BRICS influence signifies a more balanced and equitable world order in global economics.
  3. The rise of BRICS nations brings both opportunities and uncertainties, requiring adaptation and responsible leadership to navigate the new global landscape.
216 implied HN points 30 Jun 23
  1. Lithium producers are crucial for ensuring a stable supply of lithium used in EV batteries.
  2. Battery producers focus on improving battery capacity, charging speeds, and durability for electric vehicles.
  3. Auto parts manufacturers play a vital role in developing EV technology by producing essential components like electric motors and power electronics.
196 implied HN points 28 Jun 23
  1. Universal Music Group is the largest music company in the world with revenue of over €10B in 2022.
  2. The highest earning song by royalties globally is 'Happy Birthday' by the Hill Sisters.
  3. On Spotify, artists need many streams to earn $1,000, as they only earn $0.003 per stream.
216 implied HN points 08 May 23
  1. L'Oréal had a strong financial performance in 2022 with impressive revenue and profit margins.
  2. L'Oréal's revenue is primarily driven by its Luxe and Consumer Products divisions.
  3. Estée Lauder saw a revenue increase in FY22, led by its Skincare division, but faced challenges in FY23 with lower sales forecasts.
216 implied HN points 31 Mar 23
  1. Financial Fridays series focuses on e-commerce companies' financial performance worldwide.
  2. Newsletter schedule change: Moving to Monday and Wednesday, with a new Friday series on stock deep dives for investing and finance enthusiasts.
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