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Import AI 339 implied HN points 27 May 24
  1. UC Berkeley researchers discovered a suspicious Chinese military dataset named 'Zhousidun' with specific images of American destroyers, presenting potential implications for military use of AI.
  2. Research suggests that as AI systems scale up, their representations of reality become more similar, with bigger models better approximating the world we exist in.
  3. Convolutional neural networks are shown to align more with primate visual cortexes than transformers, indicating architectural biases that can lead to better understanding the brain.
ChinaTalk 444 implied HN points 01 Nov 23
  1. The US and its allies are in a technology cold war with China over semiconductor capabilities.
  2. Export restrictions and regulations around lithography in semiconductors have led to misunderstandings between the Commerce Department and manufacturers.
  3. Recent export controls aim to restrict Chinese access to advanced technology, but loopholes and circumventions still exist.
Cybernetic Forests 119 implied HN points 31 Dec 23
  1. Subscribers to the newsletter tripled this year, showing growth and increased interest in the content.
  2. The author created and taught a course on AI Images, which was referenced by other educational institutions, showcasing influence in the field.
  3. The Algorithmic Resistance Research Group presented at the DEFCON 31 AI Village, demonstrating involvement in cutting-edge AI art and research.
The Klonickles 412 implied HN points 03 Mar 23
  1. The economic downturn has impacted the soft power of technology civil society and projects aimed at improving technology and social welfare.
  2. In the last five years, tech companies voluntarily engaged in initiatives for transparency and accountability, which were more significant than perceived.
  3. Despite the progress made, this voluntary cooperation is not enough, and there is a need for regulations to enforce continued efforts by tech companies.
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Fight to Repair 78 implied HN points 27 Oct 23
  1. Apple is pushing for a national right-to-repair law in the US after California's legislation, aiming to balance repairability with product integrity, usability, and safety.
  2. Apple's announcement reveals a strategic shift to shape the national law and potentially exclude certain aspects by emphasizing safety and privacy concerns.
  3. The tech industry is exploring creating Memorandums of Understanding to navigate right-to-repair laws, aiming to standardize repair practices and influence legislation.
Fight to Repair 59 implied HN points 14 Jul 23
  1. Consumer Reports campaign seeks to make safety features like Automatic Crash Notifications (ACN) standard rather than paid subscriptions by car companies.
  2. The trend of companies turning safety features like Apple's Emergency SOS into subscription services raises concerns about access to potentially life-saving features.
  3. Regulators like the FTC are taking steps against companies like Tesla and John Deere for using software controls to enforce subscriptions and deny access to users, highlighting the need for government intervention to protect consumer rights.
Metal Machine Music by Ben Tarnoff 339 implied HN points 22 Nov 19
  1. A left tech policy should aim to reduce the central role of markets in people's lives through decommodification, providing resources as a right and enabling democratic decision-making.
  2. When considering tech platforms, it's essential to move beyond the generic term 'platforms' and analyze size, function, and type of power they have to guide regulation effectively.
  3. Methods of decommodification and democratization for digital infrastructures can include public ownership, cooperative ownership, non-ownership, or abolition, accompanied by legislative regulations on data usage and algorithms.
techandsocialcohesion 0 implied HN points 19 Feb 24
  1. Listening to podcasts can feel like having dinner with interesting people and learning about current trends in technology and social cohesion.
  2. The podcast playlist provided includes shows that explore emerging technologies, trust in technology, tech policy, and more.
  3. Engaging with podcasts about technology and social cohesion can help understand the evolving field's dilemmas and future perspectives.
Tech Buzz China Insider 0 implied HN points 15 Feb 22
  1. The concept of consumption upgrade vs. downgrade in China's consumer market is complex and impactful, with platforms like Pinduoduo challenging traditional views.
  2. Predictions from Chinese government research organizations suggest continued US-China tensions in tech, with Biden likely to tighten restrictions on exports, investments, and overseas operations.
  3. AInnovation's IPO in the