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eugyppius 243 HN points 07 May 23
The Biden Administration have announced that their insane vaccine requirements for government employees and international travellers will finally end on 11 May, when the American pandemic state of emergency expires. The WHO have likewise declared that Covid-19 “
eugyppius 225 HN points 06 May 23
That eternal turd who will not flush, Christian Drosten, has resurfaced with an odious media interview, demanding that the vaccines receive credit for ending the pandemic and that oppressive non-pharmaceutical interventions like lockdowns and school closures remain on the table for future pandemics.
eugyppius 144 HN points 30 May 23
In response to my piece on leaving academia, a few asked me for my thoughts on Wokeness, and how one might go about doing away with it. There’s nothing I would like more, than to have a good answer to this question. Alas, I’m very pessimistic about achieving any victory here, but I also don’t think Woke is going to be a permanent menace. Sooner or later, the forces driving this ideological cancer will try to dial in the Woke, and if they fail, they will themselves be consumed by it. The damage has been done and the pre-Woke world can never be re-achieved, but Wokery isn’t a stable ideological system. It is instead the mere ideological expression of a revolutionary process.
eugyppius 135 HN points 09 May 23
Western liberal democracies, with their widely distributed and complex institutional apparatus, have serious problems with coordination, and increasingly rely on press-fuelled hysteria to rouse themselves to action. They were never so powerful as during the great Covid panic, and as that wave of excitement recedes ever further, one thing has become clear: The locus of this coordinating hysteria is very important. Whatever the ambitions of the globalist vaccinators, the pandemic activated national bureaucracies and sidelined the global climate agenda for as long as it endured. Disease is something each country must solve for itself, while the climate crisis is the preferred unifying ideology of postwar globalism, because it favours solutions requiring high levels of international coordination.
eugyppius 122 HN points 02 May 23
My review of Robert F. Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci has understandably provoked many critical comments from readers who are disappointed about my views on the promise and suppression of early treatments. That’s fine. I’m far less interested in convincing anybody that a given drug does or doesn’t work against Covid, than I am in convincing everybody that letting medical bureaucrats try to solve a problem like Covid,