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Platformer 12755 implied HN points 12 Jan 24
  1. Platformer has decided to move off of Substack and migrate to a new website powered by Ghost
  2. The decision was influenced by concerns over how Substack moderates content and promotes publications
  3. Substack faced controversies over hosting extremist content, leading to Platformer's decision to leave for a platform with more robust content moderation policies
Jacob’s Tech Tavern 576 implied HN points 26 Feb 24
  1. The blog post compares the Twitter and X iOS app binaries, revealing insights like extra app icons and heavy use of dynamic libraries.
  2. Emerge Tools offers valuable solutions for mobile engineers to monitor their app's size and performance.
  3. The author recommends subscribing to Jacob's Tech Tavern for more insightful posts and to show support for the work.
Department of Product 1238 implied HN points 18 Jan 24
  1. Notion integrates Indie calendar Cron into a new standalone Calendar app for sharing with stakeholders.
  2. Numerous plugin enhances Google Sheets with generative AI for tasks like creating formulas and translating text.
  3. Netflix's decision not to build a dedicated app for visionOS is a setback for Apple, while Nimo gains popularity as a lighter AR alternative.
Why is this interesting? 301 implied HN points 04 Mar 24
  1. Ahmed Al Omran shares his diverse media diet, including newspapers, RSS feeds, newsletters, podcasts, and social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Al Omran recommends 'Endel,' an AI-generated personalized soundscapes app, and expresses a preference for trains over planes due to the unpleasant aspects of flying.
  3. Japan is highlighted as a must-visit destination known for its attention to craftsmanship across various aspects of culture, providing unique experiences.
Why is this interesting? 542 implied HN points 05 Feb 24
  1. Sophia curates her news from social media like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, finding content that aligns with her interests.
  2. She enjoys leisurely reading the weekend papers and is a fan of Private Eye, read in a unique way as a family tradition.
  3. Sophia recommends reading Megha Mohan's journalism and mentions Reverso Context as a great language app.
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Platformer 3518 implied HN points 05 Jul 23
  1. Meta released Threads, a new app challenging Twitter, with a focus on content moderation and decentralization.
  2. Threads is a text-based messaging app similar to Twitter, allowing easy following of Instagram users with limited features.
  3. The success of Threads will depend on cultivating a vibrant community and continuous improvements to user experience.
Substack Blog 693 implied HN points 20 Sep 23
  1. The new Home experience on the Substack app aims to boost growth for writers and offer readers a universe of great writing.
  2. The reading queue in the app helps readers keep up with their favorite subscriptions and never miss new content.
  3. The explore feed and inbox features are designed to enhance discoverability and customization for users within the Substack ecosystem.
Product Composition 117 implied HN points 21 Jan 24
  1. Alex Vilinskyy is looking for specific roles to fill in his ventures like Payment Integrationist, Email Expert, and Head of Design.
  2. He's also seeking partners interested in addressing issues in the Future of Work, Communication, Computing, Entrepreneurship, and Media.
  3. The post shares info about the authenticity of Instagram, upcoming plans for new products, and recommends cool apps like PhotoStudio and Factorio.
Podcasting 2.0 98 implied HN points 29 Jan 24
  1. Podcasting is experiencing a winter phase, with struggles in monetization and platform acquisitions.
  2. Apple's embrace of RSS-based podcasting with features like episode transcripts signals a commitment to open collaboration.
  3. Podcasting 2.0 focuses on enhancing RSS feeds with new features in an open and community-driven manner.
In Bed With Social 334 implied HN points 24 Sep 23
  1. The mobile app landscape is shifting with a decrease in app downloads and counts on platforms like the App Store and Play Store.
  2. Apps like Breeze and Soon are introducing 'offline dating' experiences that prioritize face-to-face interactions over virtual connections.
  3. There is a rising trend towards digital consolidation and possibly a shift towards a 'super app' revolution to balance tangible experiences with digital connectivity.
Subconscious 710 implied HN points 19 May 23
  1. View software design as shaping functionality, understand what it should do first before how it does it or how it looks.
  2. Break down app functionalities into modular concepts, each with its own behavior and actions, combine existing concepts creatively.
  3. Design concepts to function independently, sync actions to ensure smooth interaction, focus on how concepts fit together to improve usability.
The Discourse 78 implied HN points 11 Jan 24
  1. The GPT Store has been launched with customized GPTs for ChatGPT Plus users.
  2. The GPT Store is aiming to convert free users to paid users, unlike the Apple App Store launch which had a larger user base.
  3. The future of GPTs could include standalone apps, open to all 180M ChatGPT users, revenue sharing with OpenAI, and fun, innovative creations.
The journey of a solopreneur (by David Journeypreneur) 19 implied HN points 18 Jan 24
  1. Transitioning from web to app is crucial for businesses to enhance user engagement and expand reach.
  2. Various web-to-app converters offer unique features, pricing, and capabilities for app development.
  3. Leading platforms like, Convertify, and Appilix provide excellent customer service, quick conversion, and user-friendly interfaces.
aidaily 19 implied HN points 27 Nov 23
  1. Google's Bard AI can now understand YouTube video content before you watch it.
  2. AI is revolutionizing industries, like potentially replacing smartphone apps with advanced capabilities.
  3. Innovative AI technologies are aiding in the battle against ocean pollution by identifying and removing plastic waste.
Three quarks 41 implied HN points 07 Sep 23
  1. The future of apps might be leaning towards protocols instead of traditional consumer apps.
  2. The emergence of proto-apps, which operate as gateways to various services, blurs the line between apps and protocols.
  3. Horizontalization and integration with protocols are key aspects for the success of modern apps, allowing for user-generated plugins and decentralized functionality.
Social Warming by Charles Arthur 78 implied HN points 19 May 23
  1. Consider how much you would pay or what special features you would require to access social networks like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat.
  2. Offering the right features for paid subscriptions is crucial for social networks to succeed, as seen in the example of Twitter Blue.
  3. Understanding what users are willing to pay for on social networks is important, especially as the industry shifts towards freemium models.