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Simon Owens's Media Newsletter 224 implied HN points 15 Mar 24
  1. The media did not experience the usual election year audience boost due to low competition in the primaries, potentially affecting their revenue opportunities.
  2. Entrepreneurs in niche media areas like news sites, podcasts, and newsletters are being sought for coverage and interviews by the newsletter author.
  3. Empowering Cloud, a media company focused on Microsoft cloud products, was founded by Tom Arbuthnot to educate audiences and provide content within a community platform.
News Items 216 implied HN points 10 Feb 24
  1. The post promotes Episode 9 of the 'Night Owls' podcast featuring Joe Klein and John Ellis discussing political opinions and American music.
  2. The podcast can be accessed on or Apple, providing different options for listeners.
  3. To continue reading the full post archives, a 7-day free trial is offered for subscription to News Items.
Joe Reis 255 implied HN points 03 Feb 24
  1. Indie data conferences offer a vendor-free, peer-focused experience.
  2. Indie conferences are organized by individuals taking risks for the data community's benefit.
  3. Attending indie meetups supports real-world practitioners in sharing knowledge without commercial influence.
Oliver Bateman Does the Work 176 implied HN points 09 Feb 24
  1. The author emphasizes the importance of authentic and deep writing, prioritizing integrity and curiosity over digital fame and performative online culture.
  2. The Substack platform allows the author to explore a variety of topics that capture their interest, free from market trends or ideological constraints.
  3. The author's work on Substack reflects a commitment to consistent output, supported by paid subscribers, enabling a balance between creative freedom and financial stability.
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Podcasting 2.0 98 implied HN points 29 Jan 24
  1. Podcasting is experiencing a winter phase, with struggles in monetization and platform acquisitions.
  2. Apple's embrace of RSS-based podcasting with features like episode transcripts signals a commitment to open collaboration.
  3. Podcasting 2.0 focuses on enhancing RSS feeds with new features in an open and community-driven manner.
We're Gonna Get Those Bastards 5 implied HN points 27 Feb 24
  1. Jared Dillian is taking a break from writing essays to work on a second book that includes exclusive content and some great short stories.
  2. He will be restarting his podcast and has other writing projects, marketing efforts, and a big move planned, so we can expect new content from him in the summer.
  3. Jared encourages readers not to unsubscribe and mentions an opportunity to buy his book 'NO WORRIES' during his hiatus.
Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends 0 implied HN points 14 Aug 14
  1. Algorithms can influence what news we see on social media, affecting our access to information and potentially impacting democracy.
  2. Podcasting has evolved significantly in the past decade, with notable figures reflecting on the changes and impact of the medium.
  3. Smartphones, despite their advanced capabilities, may still have shortcomings in basic functions like organizing contacts.
Xavi Benjamin 0 implied HN points 07 Apr 24
  1. The author shares their weekly exclusive recommendations on articles, videos, movies, music, and more in their 'Sunday Brunch' newsletter.
  2. The author mentions recent personal events like their birthday party, accepting an offer on a condo, and finding a new place in Phoenix.
  3. The author also promotes their video podcast production service, podcast about polyamory, and a swag store in the newsletter.